A frist hand look at the campaign trail ’16 by new journalist for a millennial generation

Political Foundations: Vol 1.

By: Nick Garcia

Exactly 19 days from now the spring semester at Columbia College Chicago will begin. With that brings new challenges and opportunities, one being the chance to get a first hand look at what actually takes place while on the notorious “campaign trail.”

As a masters student in the department of journalism, the spring semester offers a course covering the 2016 presidential election. Three graduate students and two undergrads will travel to Iowa, South Carolina and Missouri emersing themselves in politics over the course of eight weeks.

Hopefully the term “political junkie” will be synonumus with a series of medium posts dedicated to offering people a ground level look at the presidential race. With so many high profile candidates, it would be tough to diverge so much detail on every individual. What this series will mainly focus on is the campaign tackticts of Senetor Ted Cruz of Texas.

Each of the five students will choose one candidate to cover over the eight week course. The plan is for the other four students to create a partner series’ detailing the actions of their chosen canidated to run parallel with this project. The culmination will be a detailed account of five presidential hopefulls through the eyes of young journalist each with a unique and descriptive way to write about them.

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