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Feature requests

  1. Markdown support.
  2. An option to list all private replies — I want to review and make public, and both finding private posts and checking again to make sure I hadn’t missed any were a pain.
  3. An list of responsive essays on my essay page, at least in the Edit view, so I could link them from the original essay. I eventually realized I needed to Recommend them from the response pages, but this wasn’t obvious and it would be easy to miss one.
  4. An expand-all view to see all the comments at once, not just one at a time.
  5. Make the relationship between a Draft and an Unlisted version clearer. I shared a Draft URL which broke when I published Unlisted. Presumably I should have just published Unlisted and shared that link instead.
  6. From the main article page, provide a link to all Recommendations, with the associated comments.


I scrolled down a couple screens reading comments, and when I scrolled back up I couldn’t get to the top of the list or the linked-to paragraph.


Your editor interface is great! I am amazed.

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