My 2015 — A Year of Growth

I settled into the Bay area.
My girlfriend Anne moved west from DC. I explored the city. I made friends.

I started teaching.
Joined General Assembly as a UX Designer in Residence for a 12 week class. Its led me to consider Grad School so I can teach later.

I made silly side projects. 
HighlyClickable and WhereIs are silly little side projects. I learned that my attention span is about 6 weeks. Projects that don’t ship before that usually fail for me.

I lost a job and started a big one. 
Trove was folded into SocialCode. New people, new boss, new challenge.

I took a month off.
In September, I went to SE Asia and it was awesome. I learned a few things about myself: Tech is not the root of all happiness, or evil. I love motorbikes motorcycles and scooters and should really learn to fix them. All children around the world are fundamentally the same.

I ran and I climbed.
I began the year running and finished the San Francisco Half Marathon. After coming back from SE Asia, I joined a climbing gym and started climbing a lot.

I updated my portfolio, finally.
This past year I completed a whole new portfolio of work on

… on to the next one.

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