REPU Social Media Airdrop:

To participate just follow the simple instructions below or you can find them when filling out the form:


REPU Token Airdrop is active for REPU Social Media — Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. In order to qualify and get your airdrop tokens, you must comply with Facebook and Twitter instructions at least — this is a minimum requirement, which will give you 20 REPU!

In case, you wish to receive additional 10 REPU tokens, you have to complete Reddit task, also.

We have a Referral Program too! You can get extra 10 REPU tokens by simply inviting your friends. Both you and they will get 10 more REPU tokens each if they insert your Email address into corresponding section of the Form: “Referral Email”.

Read all the instructions below, complete the tasks and then fill out the form.

  • Make sure that all fields in the Google form complete and filled out correctly, you automatically qualify to receive 40 REPU tokens within airdrop program for free!
  • In order to get you airdrop tokens, make sure you provide ETH (ERC-20) wallet address ONLY!
  • You cannot delete your completed tasks before the end of the ICO or if the team announces other conditions.

Please note, SPAM, ABUSE, or failure to fully meet the instructions lead to ban and disqualification!


GET 40 REPU tokens FREE!

  • Facebook+Twitter — (20 REPU) mandatory!
  • Reddit — (10 REPU) optional!
  • Referral Program — (10 REPU) optional!

Instructions for Facebook:

1) Like and share REPU Official Facebook page:

2) Like and share a pinned post! (Then provide a link below into corresponding field.)

Instructions for Twitter:

1) Follow REPU Official Twitter page:

2) Retweet the pinned post! (Then provide a link below into corresponding field.)

Instructions for Reddit:

1) Subscribe to REPU Official Subreddit:

2) Upvote the latest Subreddit (with title: “REPU Closed Round Sale is LIVE! Get 5% Extra Bonus until Feb.28!) and make a Crosspost to a Crypto-related Subreddit! (Then provide a link below into corresponding field.)

Referral Program — GET extra 10 REPU tokens (optional):

1) Invite your friend to join — you will get extra 10 REPU and your friend — 10 REPU.

2) State your email address, which your friend will refer to when filling out the form in the “Referral Email” field. (This will be used to identify you in the referral program).

Enter your ETH (ERC-20 compatible) wallet address

*You must stay subscribed to all of the above channels at least until the end of the ICO period!

**Facebook+Twitter are mandatory to get 20 REPU! Reddit is optional, and will give you extra 10 REPU! Referral Program — extra 10 REPU!

***Pool of tokens is limited to 750.000 REPU!


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REPU is a rating and feedback system based on decentralized blockchain technology. Official webpage:

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