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Republia is a revolutionary project, which develops a global, decentralized ecosystem based on self-developed blockchain. Within a single project Republia ecosystem combines blockchain technology services that are in demand.

When other blockchain startups present initial concepts of their products, Republia can offer Minimum Viable Product.

Since Republia strive to create an ideal solution for blockchain industry, Republia team has developed MVP of structural modules in order to implement full fledged products, which will meet user expectations.

Become part of Republia ecosystem and check out MVP Bank, Wallet (Messenger), Smart-contract platform and Voting.

Republia Bank MVP

The minimum product Republia Bank is designed for users to get to know about the bank and the “parking” system, which is a voluntary deposit of coins for a certain period of time. Users will receive interests from “parking” process, which will be converted to real RPB coins.

In addition, on initial stage of the project every participant will be accrued 10 RPBTEST coins.

Republia Wallet MVP

MVP Wallet provides the ability to test the speed of Republia blockchain. The transaction function is embedded in Republia Wallet MVP, where user can make a transaction with a few clicks.

There is no necessity to enter complicated wallet addresses, you can send funds to another member of the ecosystem with a single click on the contact.

Moreover, the function of messenger will be implemented in Republia Wallet, all data about chats will be stored decentrally in an encrypted form.

Also, Republia Wallet will provide you with an opportunity to create smart contracts and attach files.

As you might have noticed, Republia Wallet cannot be compared with centralized analogues and it will be a reliable method for secure transaction processing, creation of smart contracts and communication with one another.

Republia Smart Contract Platform MVP

Have you ever had a chance to create a smart contract by yourself?

MVP Smart Contract Platform provides every ecosystem participant with an opportunity to create a smart contract without special knowledge in software engineering by clicking on the desired icons.

In MVP Smart Contract Platform every user can create a smart contract for renting a house, monthly payment for utilities, payment of debt etc. So users can choose the desired type of smart contract from the templates provided by Republia team.

Also, Republia team pay special attention to professional developers, who will independently create and launch their own smart contracts.

Republia Voting System MVP

Since Republia ecosystem operates using “we-ecosystem” management model, users can vote to improve the ecosystem.

For more information about “we-ecosystem” management model, please, follow the link:

MVP Voting System participant can initiate voting or participate in voting, which has been initiated by another member of Republia ecosystem.

Republia Voting System eradicates numerous disputes, that occur in blockchain community. After voting, protocol will be updated by itself, depending on the decision of the participants.

Voting data are recorded in blockchain, which excludes all possible falsifications.

Become part of the ecosystem and enjoy Republia services.

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