Harry is here — no problems in Republia!

Virtual assistant Harry will tell you how to use the ecosystem and its components.

Republia is a global ecosystem with many structural elements, that’s why each our user needs an individual helper, that will hold a tour of the mechanisms, will tell you how they work and even help you to earn in Republia ecosystem.

Harry meets the user first and offers him his help. Of course, you can decline it, but believe, after only a few stages you will save more time than studying Republia by yourself.


Harry is implemented in Republia Bank at the moment.

A virtual assistant will not only tell you about Republia Bank and its Parking system, but also help you earn additional 50 RPBTEST.


  1. Park your 100 RPBTEST.

2. Wait for chosen time.

3. Get extra coins to your balance.

Note please that skipping at least one of Harry’s recommendations, 50 RPBTEST will not be added to your balance.

If the user studies the second time, no additional coins are awarded as well.

Further, our virtual assistant will be implemented in every component of the ecosystem and will be ready to help users at any time.

Acquaintance with Republia is comfortable and fast with our virtual assistant Harry!

Your questions are always welcome! Contact us via e-mail: info@republia.io

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