Republia creates new partnerships in Asia

Hello friends, 
Vladyslav Gyrych has a new habit, flying to various states with business visits. Now he is at the airport departing to Beijing, and the next stop will be Seoul. 
Our team had several successful meetings with investors in Kyiv this week. We received the significant contributions ranging from $200 k to $1 mln — from ICU group. 
Vladyslav has an appointed meeting with the private investors in Beijing, China.
Our co-founder will also have many meetings Seoul. The primary purpose of this trip is to sign the final terms and conditions with PaxNet. This company went public (IPO) and is trading on exchanges. 
Vladyslav as well will meet with the president of this company, who apart from PaxNet has about 200 other companies in South Korea (6 of them went public (IPO). 
We believe this trip will be very productive.
Stay tuned!