RepuX Update: Burn Baby, Burn

Sep 4, 2018 · 2 min read
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Quick update on the recent events:

Firstly, I’ll start with what most of you know already, but we made the difficult decision to remove RepuX from the Bancor Trading Platform. It was not something that we wanted to do, but their platform provided liquidity at a cost. Slippage was just too high to be feasible, so RepuX has withdrawn tokens to seek out a better and higher volume exchange.

We will have some more news concerning this at a later time, but we are in talks with more popular centralized exchanges.

Burn Info:

On August 30th, 2018 the RepuX team burned a very large number of tokens in accordance with the previous statements made to our important investors. 184,400,156.76 RepuX were burned to contract 0x0000000000000000000.
This number of tokens was calculated from the following.
Total tokens in token sale: 250,000,000
Token sold during ICO: 63,111,809.24
Reserverd bounty tokens: 1,500,000
Bounty tokens paid: 256,581
VIP bounty paid: 41,453
Advisors: 690,000



On the development, side we’re exceeding our plans put in the roadmap. With encryption, decentralisation in place, and our reference marketplace integration done, we’re ready to go live once we get accepted by the exchange.

More on the current state of work will be put in the next blog post with the video of the actual product, which is going through the editing process now.

We know these are more difficult times for our great community, as there have been many trials since the inception of our ICO throughout this bear market, but we are here, working hard to bring the product we set out to build. Our core development team, which is located in Poland, is dedicated building the SME solution for a data marketplace built on bleeding edge technology.

Thank you for your time.


— RepuX Team


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