67 useful tools, libraries and resources for saving your time as a web developer
Ognjen Gatalo

Ognjen Gatalo Awesome list it is! You wanna checkout Requestly — Chrome and Firefox addon to modify network requests. It is very handy in web development for debugging purposes for playing with network requests.

It allows you to

  • URL rewriting via Redirect Rule. Especially useful when you want to debug your javascript hosted in an external environment like client websites or production environment. Simply host a local version of your code and redirect to it and debug what’s the issue.
  • Host switching: For easy upgrades of your api versions and switching environments. For example: Replace cdn.prod. to cdn.qa
  • Headers modification: You can add, modify or remove request and response headers and also apply URL filters on it.
  • Script injection: You can include external libraries like jquery, underscore and your custom code/library to inject script on any website.

There are many more use cases and many more features inside Requestly. Feel free to explore it and It would be awesome to be on your list.

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