At MODIFI, we want to push the boundaries and change the trade finance landscape for SMEs by offering clear and creative solutions they need to become successful and to grow into their greatest potential. Whether for an importer or an exporter, our goal is to stop the paperwork, jargon, and hassle of bank loans from holding back new business.

In our product team, we design human-centric features based on our users’ needs and, more specifically, we try to ease their pain points along with getting the hassle and stress of finance out of the way.

How to gather user feedback?

From the sales team.


How screen recordings can guide design decisions

User experience has changed from contacting to purchasing in a variety of industries, from your favorite shoe store to managing business expenses. Even the most administrative of businesses are using processes and software that are getting rid of paper completely and relying solely on digital media and online platforms. Financial services are following the same path: getting rid of paperwork and reshaping user experience when it comes to applying for financing — this digitization is extremely important in such a bureaucratic and potentially boring industry.


SMEs looking for easy solutions to grow and…

Project goal

A B2B brand (confidential) — working within the foodservice industry needs to improve the relationship with their customers all the while keeping the brand in touch and keeping to the needs of amateur patissiers (more specifically people that have cooking as a side project in their life, working from home, on evenings or weekends.)

After talking to 5 of the brand’s most loyal customers, we identified a pain point for all of them: portion sizes when you are neither home-cooking nor within an industrial size standard. …

Each generation has a different style of parenting, but that also means that they have different concerns and values to teach the new generation.

In order to validate my thoughts, I created this side project following Google design sprint kit methods. According to the sprint kit “A design sprint is a five-phase framework that helps answer critical business questions through rapid prototyping and user testing.” I felt that in this case, for a quick and fast side project, it would be perfect for me to make my point clear all the while being informational.

Now it is finally the Millennials…

Glossom is a beauty startup participating in the L’Oreal Startup program in Paris. It is a mobile shopping platform and judgment-free beauty community for women between 18–28 years old. For the new brand identity and user experience redesign, sprints were often utilized to improve the app and solve design problems that users may have faced.

Users could be classified in content creators and content consumers, in a proportion of 20% and 80%. The goal was to reverse these numbers in order to generate more quality and effective content inside the app.

The design process

  1. Research

The target market of the app is women…

Renata Schwegler

Product Designer

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