Rescue Turtlez — WhitePaper

Rescue Turtlez is a collection of NFTs designed to become the most successful and high-quality DAO in the Web3 Ecosystem. The project’s top priority is to maximize the benefits for its holders by giving them majority control and voting rights on all decisions made for the DAO treasury and actions.

The project aims to create an army of traders that work in unison to secure profits and provide rewards for holders in every market situation, from alpha to degen to crypto. The community is composed of some of the best DAOs in the Solana space, and new DAOs on the Aptos chain, as well as members from selected Solana collections such as Stoned Ape Crew, Taiyo Robotics, Catalina Whales, Mindfolk, SMB, Blocksmith, Cets on Creck, Okay Bears, Famous Fox Federation, and many more.

Rescue Turtlez is a hub for members from the best projects and DAOs, and the team is actively pursuing collaborations with projects that have the most diamond hand holders. By networking with some of the most skilled alpha hunters in the space, the project aims to attract a major inflow of highly sought-after WL to provide holders with early A+ opportunities.

In addition, Rescue Turtlez is committed to maintaining exclusivity by whitelisting majority members from selected projects. This strategy is intended to strengthen and promote a strong, driven, and engaged community that will help the project achieve its goals.

The Strategy:

The investment strategy of the DAO involves various moves, such as playing the secondary market, investing in upcoming projects, and buying/selling tokens like Dust and Forge. To execute these moves, DAOs are divided into Squads, which are separate investment groups competing against one another in each season. These Squads will vote and make decisions on several aspects, including the investment risk style, projects to monitor and invest, holding/selling timeframe, buy/sell pricing, and profit distribution timeline. At the end of each season, the Squad with the most profit will receive a higher percentage of the treasury funds allocated to the DAOs for the following season, incentivizing Squads to make well-informed investment decisions.

Mint Details:

Supply: 1111

Mint Price: 0.5

Mint Date: 02.02.2023

Who We Are:

The Turtlez DAO is a worldwide collective of like-minded individuals who share a love for digital collectibles and the organic communities that form around them. Comradery, integrity, and charity are the three fundamental principles that underpin the Turtlez community. The Turtlez have set three primary objectives for their DAO. Firstly, they aim to acquire and accumulate digital collectibles and assets to support the community’s long-term growth. Secondly, by implementing a set of regulations and procedures to direct the community, the Turtlez hope to increase their numbers and become a globally recognized group. This is essential to achieve their final objective, which is to give back to society through charitable contributions. The Turtlez have a particular focus on helping turtles, a species severely impacted by the current environmental crisis. They plan to achieve this goal by donating to non-profit organizations that directly aid turtles or support the cleanup of their natural habitats or do it themselves.


Governance of the Turtlez NFT collection and community is established through a set of rules and processes to ensure alignment and longevity. Within two months of the Turtlez NFT collection being minted, four community members will be elected to the position of Council Member alongside Lead Council Member JesusLike, who will remain a Council Member in perpetuity. Candidates for Council Member can be self-nominated or nominated by other members of the community. All nominees must submit to KYC verification overseen by JesusLike before being formally designated as a nominee. The Turtlez community will have seven days to nominate Council Members, after which the community will vote to select eight nominees for Council Member. If there are fewer than eight nominees, this first step will be skipped.

After the finalization of the eight nominees, the Turtlez community will have three days to vote to select the four Council Members for the next governing period, which will occur via snapshot. In the event of a tie in the number of votes for a Council Member, a second election will be held between the tying nominees via snapshot 3 days after the results of the first election are announced. If there is a second tie in votes, JesusLike will choose the new Council Member(s) to break the tie.

Any verified member of the Turtlez Dao community may submit a proposal to remove any Council Member except for JesusLike. The Council will review the proposal and vote on whether or not to submit the termination vote to the entire Turtlez Dao community of verified members. The proposal must receive a 3 out of 5 votes of approval from the Council to be presented to the Turtlez Dao community for vote. For a Council Member to be terminated, the proposal must receive greater than 75% approval from the Turtlez dao community.

Duties and Responsibilities of Council Members:

  • The role of Council Member is to be a guiding force behind the growth and evolution of the Turtlez Dao Community. Council Members are expected to meet bi-weekly to review and discuss the Turtlez Community, plan proposals, review the performance of the Turtlez Dao teams, and otherwise assess the growth and strength of the Turtlez community.
  • There are no term limits for Council Members. Council Members may resign from the Council at any time after providing one month’s notice to the community. If a Council Member resigns, is removed from the Council, or otherwise becomes unavailable for more than fourteen days, the Turtlez Community will conduct a special voting session to choose a replacement Council Member. The voting process for this special session will follow the same procedures as the annual Council Member voting described herein, except that only three Turtlez community members may be nominated to replace a Council Member. If a Council Member role becomes vacant within two months of the annual Council Member voting session, no special voting session will be held to fill the vacant Council Member position. This vacancy will instead be filled in the annual Council Member voting session.

The Turtlez Sub-Dao Teams:

Following the selection of the Council Members, the Turtlez NFT holders will be divided into sub-DAO investment teams, each assigned to a Council Member (other than JesusLike) as their guide. Each sub-DAO team will be given a specific multi-sig wallet, and the keys to the wallet will be held by JesusLike, the Council Member leading the team, and a co-counsel nominated by the team. The Council Members will determine the proportion of the Turtlez Dao Treasury to be allocated equally among the teams. The amount allocated to each team can be increased or decreased after formal submission of a proposal to the Council and approval by a simple majority vote of the Council.

Every Turtlez Dao team will be responsible for electing a co-counsel on an annual basis to assist the Council Member in leading the team. Anyone can nominate a person for co-counsel, and the team will vote for their co-counsel using snapshot one day after the seven-day nomination period has closed.

Any member of a Turtlez sub-DAO team has the right to submit a proposal to their Council Member and co-counsel and demand a vote be taken on the proposal. The sub-DAO teams may vote to remove their co-counsel at any time after a proposal has been submitted. To remove a co-counsel, the proposal must receive over 75% approval from the members of the relevant Turtlez sub-DAO team.


As mentioned earlier, the Turtlez community highly values charitable giving to support Turtles of different species across the globe. The charitable impact of the Turtlez community will have a widespread effect due to its global reach. A portion of the proceeds earned from the sale of secondary royalties will be donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of Turtles. The verified members of the Turtlez NFT community will participate in a vote to select one of the three charitable organizations recommended by the Council. Additionally, all community members are invited and encouraged to put forth their charitable proposals to the Council at any time

Core Team:

  1. Jesuslike (Founder)

Rescue Turtlez is the brainchild of Jesuslike, whose unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development motivated him to create an innovative investment club. The club not only generates wealth but also gives back to society and the environment.

Jesuslike’s passion for environmental conservation and sustainable development served as the inspiration for the creation of Rescue Turtlez. He recognized the need for a project that could make a significant impact on the environment while also providing economic benefits. As a result, he developed a unique investment club that not only generates wealth but also supports the preservation of our oceans and marine life.

Overall, Jesuslike’s commitment to creating a sustainable future and his passion for environmental conservation are at the heart of the Rescue Turtlez project. His vision for a more equitable and environmentally conscious world has been realized through the creation of this innovative investment club.

2. Swajit (Community, Collab Manager)

Swajit plays a vital role in the Rescue Turtlez team as the community and collaboration manager. With a wealth of experience in community management and a natural talent for connecting with people, Swajit is the driving force behind the project’s outreach and collaboration efforts.

Swajit’s primary responsibility is to engage with the community and establish collaborations with like-minded individuals and organizations. He is an exceptional communicator, and his ability to build relationships with people has been instrumental in growing the Rescue Turtlez community. He works tirelessly to ensure that the project’s message is widely heard and that anyone who shares the project’s values has the chance to get involved.

Moreover, Swajit is responsible for establishing partnerships and collaborations with other projects and organizations. He has an eye for recognizing potential collaborators and works closely with the team to establish mutually beneficial relationships. As a result of Swajit’s efforts, Rescue Turtlez can leverage the expertise and resources of other organizations to further its mission.

3. Bouncy (Web-Design)

Bouncy is a creative and talented web designer on the Rescue Turtlez team. With years of experience in web design and a passion for innovative and eye-catching designs, Bouncy is a key contributor to the project’s success. Bouncy is known for their attention to detail and ability to create visually stunning websites that are easy to navigate and user-friendly. They have a keen eye for aesthetics and are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies to ensure that Rescue Turtlez’s web presence is always fresh and relevant. Bouncy’s passion for design is infectious and their contributions are essential to the project’s ongoing success.

4. Jasmine (Community Moderator)

Jasmine plays a crucial role in the Rescue Turtlez team as a community moderator. With her friendly personality and excellent communication skills, she is responsible for engaging with the community and ensuring that everyone feels valued and heard.

Jasmine’s main responsibility is to manage the Rescue Turtlez community by responding to questions and providing support. She is an expert in connecting with people and has been instrumental in creating a positive and welcoming environment around the project.

Moreover, Jasmine acts as a liaison between the community and the rest of the team. She provides valuable feedback and insights to the team based on community discussions to help inform the decision-making process. Her dedication and contributions have been essential to the success of the project, and her passion for the project’s mission is unwavering.

Important Disclaimers:

  • The Turtlez Dao and its community are not considered a legal entity, such as an LLC, LLP, or corporation. The Turtlez Dao community believes that, based on available legal and regulatory guidance, it is not subject to the laws of any nation or state as a legal or business entity. However, this does not apply to any criminal or illegal actions undertaken by a member of the Turtlez Dao community, and all members are expected to act with integrity and in accordance with the community’s core values. Failure to do so may result in removal in accordance with the procedures outlined in the guidelines.
  • While the exchange of digital collectibles within the community may result in profit or loss for individuals, it is the responsibility of each member and not the Turtlez Dao community as a whole. The rules and guidelines outlined are not intended to create a formal business or legal entity, but rather to provide direction and clarity to the community.
  • Investment decisions made by the Turtlez Dao are not to be considered financial advice, and all individuals participate in the community at their own risk, with the potential to lose any monetary value invested.
  • The Turtlez community is not a charitable or non-profit organization and does not accept donations. The community’s charitable work is driven by the shared passion to help turtles and the environment, and anyone interested in joining the community can do so by becoming a member of the Turtlez Discord server.



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