Important update: starting today 28 April 2020 all the scientific works registered on the ResearchProof page will be timestamped in both eIDAS compliant timestamping and bitcoin blockchain technology.

The Researchproof for Academy Initiative was launched one month ago in response to the COVID-19 global emergency, to provide scientists worldwide with a new, donation-based tool to prove authorship of scientific results in an internationally, legally valid way and be more incentivised to share those results at an early stage in a worry-free way.

Great news from the ResearchProof Team: today we launched the ResearchProof for Academy Initiative, our new donation-based notarisation service for scientists to prove authorship of scientific results in a legally and internationally valid way using blockchain and cryptographic timestamping, to help scientists register early results, encouraging worry-free sharing and thus helping to increase the pace of production of scientific results.

With ResearchProof for Academy scientists can generate a legally and internationally valid unfalsifiable timestamp to prove the authorship of their scientific results prior to their dissemination, using both cryptographic timestamping and blockchain technologies.

In view of the COVID-19 international emergency…

Recently, we presented the ResearchProof Registry at ITASEC, the main Italian Conference on Cybersecurity, which was held in Pisa between the 12th and the 15th of February.

The Research Proof Registry is the core component of the platform, which allows to store a resource (such as a preliminary research result) and protect it with an internationally valid, legal and verifiable timestamp through a public blockchain, thus proving the authorship of scientific results prior to their dissemination.

The Italian Conference on CyberSecurity (ITASEC) is an annual event supported and organized by the Cybersecurity National Lab.

The 2019 edition has taken place…

The B-Debate about #OpenScience at CaixaForum, Barcelona | Credits: Twitter @biocat_cat

How to build a roadmap for practicing open science

The B-Debate about #OpenScience at CaixaForum, Barcelona | Credits: Twitter @biocat_cat

How to build a roadmap for practicing open science

Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković”

ResearchProof recently launched the Pioneers Program, and the first scientific groups and academic institutions are joining the program to publish negative, intermediate or complete results on the platform. The first result has already been published on the platform by the Immunology Department of the Institute for Biological Research Siniša Stanković in Belgrade, Serbia.

A collaboration to streamline the sharing of scientific research

Siniša Stanković Institute is the leading scientific institution in Serbia in the field of Biological sciences. The Immunology Department is currently active in topics such as type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and cancer, trying to understand and reveal the immunological processes behind these diseases.

The aim of…

The ResearchProof Pioneers Program allows to demonstrate authorship of single, negative, intermediate and complete scientific results and share them with the scientific community

ResearchProof Pioneers Program

Scientific groups, single scientists or academic institutions can now participate in the ResearchProof Pioneers Program, consisting in the selection and publication of intermediate, negative and single results as well as of any other scientific content, implementing a novel reputation and rewarding system for authors and peer-reviewers.

Candidate results are first protected using blockchain and cryptographic technology to allow authors to demonstrate authorship of the work. Results are then prepared for publication on the platform by the ResearchProof Team, with the collaboration of the authors. …

(Group photo at Rocketspace London on March 6 2018, where ResearchProof was invited by European Innovation Council to talk about Scientific Research and Blockchain.

06/03/2018, London (UK) — On March 6th 2018, ResearchProof, together with other 12 top European companies, was invited to pitch in front of a jury made of top investors, bankers, financial and legal institutions and important influencers in an event organised by SME Instrument and Innovate UK.

The event, hosted in the beautiful red-brick building of RocketSpace, was a great opportunity to present ResearchProof to an audience of investors and institutions. Our CEO Adriano Bonforti illustrated the disruptive potential of blockchain technology in the scientific research publishing environment.

The event was also an opportunity to network with other top-notch companies…

Scientists are ultimately judged by the research that they publish and to have prestigious publications, scientists need exciting, novel and groundbreaking results (positive results or statistically significant). This so called positive bias has staggering consequences:

1. The disappearance of negative results: In today’s science system, results that do not support a hypothesis or that are similar to others results, have no incentive to be published. However, are such results indeed meaningless and negative? Science evolves according to testability, which might result in refutations or confirmations: both are needed to advance science. …


Blockchain and cryptography Open-access platform to foster sharing of preliminary, negative and single results in science

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