The 4 Stages of Love and How to Make a Guy Love You


What makes a man fall in love? Some say it’s destiny, but psychologists and relationship experts say that there is a science (and even a strategy) to attraction. You can play up certain factors so that he’s more likely to notice you and see you as a “potential mate.” Here’s how to make a man love you, according to science.


We often describe instant attraction as “love at first sight” but sight isn’t the only sense organ at work. According to studies, people are attracted to voice (the tone and musicality, such as inflections in the words that suggest certain meanings) and smell. All mammals release pheromones or musk when they are in the mating dance.

Social cues from body language are also important. When a person leans forward, or makes exaggerated movements like talking more loudly or big hand gestures, he or she draws attention to himself in the same way that a peacock fluffs up his feathers. This then initiates a whole courtship sequence of flirting, mirroring (copying each other’s movements unconsciously) and flattering each other. Much of this is instinctive. Watch any couple on a first date and you’ll see the intense eye contact and seductive movements — fluttering of the eyelashes, crossing of the legs. Nature has equipped us with an innate of how to make a man love you.

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The physical attraction we feel for another person is caused by a surge of sexual hormones. How do you fuel this passion? The mind is the sexiest organ of the body. While men can be physically attracted to a woman, seduction is the use of suggestion and imagination to make him think about sex even before he actually has it. A hint of perfume, showing off the nape, a little bit of cleavage, and a little physical contact (letting your fingers graze on his arm) can help build the chemistry. That’s the second stage on how to make a man love you.


Lust lasts for a few minutes, but attraction is lust sustained. It’s when you can’t stop thinking about someone. It’s when you’re fascinated by his or her personality, and remembering your date puts a silly smile on your face.

Scientists found that attraction releases certain hormones like adrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin. Adrenaline highlights your senses, so your eyes are dilated and your heartbeat goes up. You feel excitement, anticipation and a bit of nervousness. Dopamine and serotonin are the happy hormones. You associate your lover with pleasant experiences and sensations. That’s why there are certain aphrodisiacs that are said to make a man love you. These increase the levels of certain hormones and trigger the “attraction response.” Laughter and doing a physical activity can also increase adrenaline and serotonin — which is why watching a funny movie, dancing, or going on a fun date can make you feel connected.

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The last stage in how to make a man love you is forming an emotional connection. He feels safe, secure and accepted. He sees you as someone he can trust and thinks that you are different from other people. He becomes “attached” to you. This is largely developed by routines and memories that you share.


As these stages show, there is no such thing as love at first sight. There are several steps from the initial attraction to the connection. However, knowing how a person falls in love — and how the brain and hormones are involved — can help you plan your next move.

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