The Future of AI in SEO -Comprehensive Guide

Nowadays SEO Term or Search engine optimization is being thrown around more than ever. As it no longer unknown or mysterious thing. Lots of people can deal with it now and huge number of companies already using it to improve their business and marketing plans.

It has become so common now that the term itself is no longer holds that much weight. Everyone knows keywords and how to use it in title, meta descriptions, content, tags despite of that the truth is not everyone is capable is use it that well.

Of course, a good SEO Strategy may take a long time to develop and takes even more to start seeing the results. A lot of companies feel confident in their strategy, marketing plans and that due to the fact of the SEO Tools available out there to analyze everything possible.

Also we can say there are no excuse to not have a good solid marketing strategy. However, at the same time its easy to get confused with all the numbers such as cost per click numbers and bounce rate percentages in addition to the total revenue and the number of seconds people and customers stay on each page. That is why the artificial intelligence or AI is introduced into the Scene of SEO.

SEO & Artificial Intelligence:

There is no doubt that website data analysis are vital in establishing a good SEO strategy. To disregard data would be trust and completely rely on Google and its changing algorithm. To rank well in the search results, then your SEO strategy needs to adjust and conform the procedures that align with the formula of Google search.

We all know that artificial intelligence has been used in a lot of fields as medical, science and tech industries for many years now, it help analyzing big data that of course help the manufacturers and retailers to provide quality products the consumers want. And you must know that artificial intelligence has the same power when it comes to SEO.

As stated before, the search engine marketing relies on numbers. All the analytics tool out there are handy, the human brain is capable of processing a limited number of the stats. So the usefulness of the data from the analytics tools of the website can be maximized by using the power of the artificial intelligence.

If it applied properly just imagine that your SEO strategy can be more refined and yield better search results.

Artificial Intelligence Uses in Digital Marketing:

Artificial intelligence has been already used in digital marketing for years. It is capable of arming the marketers with the ability to gather the targeting data, determine the effectiveness of the content and analyze the emotional impact of the content on the target visitors.

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Google AI

How is AL SEO Working?

The artificial intelligence can utilizes super computers to analyze data and you must know while the AI can do big bulk of data analysis off your shoulders but of course its still your job to provide quality and valuable content. That being said despite the fact that AI can help you come up with content.

Artificial intelligence uses data to construct and analyze patterns in your website that include visitors’ interaction and experience with the website. The insights that generated and analyzed with the artificial intelligence output a list of future engagement of user behavior and the recommended items to serve the users.

The super computer of AI have the ability to execute more technical action such as coding, which can greatly reduces the need of humans to code software and that can of course save a lot of money and time.

RankBrain is example of how the SEO and AI work together. RankBrain analyzes keywords of searches and let Google know what type of end results the user is looking for. Afterward Google can use that data to rank the relevancy of websites and pages.

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The AI SEO Software:

Currently AI is not heavily used in SEO, so there are few options,

In order to achieve the heightened results of SEO offered by AI, you can utilize AI software tools as SEO Power suite and Munch eye (that shouldn’t be taken as specific recommendation of software. You are free to use any software that can do the job)


SEO and User Experience:

Not only the artificial intelligence benefits your business by supporting the efforts you make to rank in search engines. It can also help in further understanding of your visitors. This can allow you to offer them a better experience.

User experience and SEO can go along together. A good SEO plan based on careful analytics can boost your website search results ranks which will result in more visitors. A unique user experience will lead to more user visiting and staying on your website.

UX (user experience) is becoming one of the most important factors that Google currently using it the ranking of search algorithm. And it will get more important in the near future.

The main reason behind that is Google wants to retain its reputation as important quality search engine. So the main goal of Google nowadays is to make browsing more enjoyable than ever. And the satisfaction of the users will be only met if users are given safe and relevant search result which is easy to navigate.

The software engineers at Google have created an algorithm for the search ranking that can think like the users on internet.

So now, the web developers can do all the necessary best practices to get your website to rank highly in search results, but all of these efforts will be in vain if the users didn’t have a good experience while navigating on your website!

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