Cookie Recipe: Potato Doughnuts

These Donuts are more tender than donut flour. Since the potato doughnuts can make its own, back and forth I make. Understandably it because always runs out so rebutan family!.

Donat Kentang

500 g plain flour high protein
50 g milk powder fullcream
1 packet (10 g) instant yeast
250 g potatoes, steamed, puree and chill
100 g powdered sugar
75 g butter
½ tsp salt
4 grain egg yolks
100 ml cold water
sugar doughnuts (Special powdered sugar for Donuts)
melted chocolate

How To Make:
Mix so one flour, sugar, milk powder, instant yeast, and stir well.
Enter a delicate potato mix.
Add the egg yolk and cold water, knead and half kalis.
Let the butter and salt, continue to knead until elastic kalis. Rest 15 minutes.
Divide the dough into 12 vuah, rounded. Let stand 20 minutes, until fluffy.
Lubangi Center with two index finger.
FRY in hot oil and many over medium heat until golden yellow.
Lift, drain.
Sprinkle the sugar Donuts, or inlaid with Brown.
To 12 pcs

from resep donat kentang

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