Top 10 Must-Have Free Road Trip Apps

Summer’s officially here! That means it’s time for adventure! According to AAA, more than one-third of American families plan to take a vacation this year. While traveling by plane is the norm, road trips have become a popular means of travel, especially during summer. If you plan on being a roadtripper and going on an adventure this summer, stock up on these 10 must-have road trip apps to ensure a smooth trip!

Grabbing Grub on the Go

iExit is a free app that tells you exactly which pit stops are on what exits. Or before you drive off, stop at a gas station/grocery store to pick up some necessities and snacks for the trip. Grab a bag of ice and a Styrofoam cooler to keep things cool for summer. Best part? Ice and a Styrofoam cooler cost less than $4 at almost any convenience store!

Jam Out in your Car

Check out Spotify for amazing playlists that’ll keep the road trip free of awkward silence. Or try iHeartRadio, a super underrated free music app where listeners can enjoy any radio station in the world, completely free of commercials!! Have your own private concert, where you’re the star! If you find your playlist stuck on repeat, Audible is a great change of pace. You can listen to a book and be whisked away to another world.

Share your Adventure

Road trips are about the journey, not always the destinations. Experience your surroundings and take pictures of your adventures. It’ll make your friends wish they’d come! Everyone knows about Instagram, but if you want to share your photos amongst friends and family definitely check out Cluster. And for you video enthusiasts out there, you can broadcast your journey live with Periscope.

Know Where to Go on the Go

There’ll be times on your trip where you gotta go and you just can’t help it. It’s inevitable. But you can be prepared! Browse for the free Sit or Squat: Restroom Finder app by Charmin to find clean public restrooms near you or your destination. After you’ve relieved yourself, you can rate your experience on the app for other potty-goers.

Never Run on Empty

Road-tripping could mean a whole lot of miles and few places to fill up. You definitely don’t want to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere, that sounds like a scene from a bad horror movie — yikes! Use the GasBuddy or Fuel My Ride app to find the most competitive gas prices in your immediate area, or hit up the tracking features to ensure your car doesn’t get hungry along the way.

Roadside Assistance

For those who don’t have AAA, Honk and are two roadside assistance apps for when your drive comes to an unexpected stop. They provide services like towing, lock outs, jump starts, and flat tire changes. They’ll give you an ETA and estimated rate for their service based on your location. Never worry about car problems with these on-the-go apps!

Other Helpful Apps

Waze and Trapster are both great map apps for real-time communication with other drivers. You can see traffic, speed traps, and accidents that other drivers are currently experiencing. Save time, money, and a potential ticket by downloading these free road trip apps. Need to chip in for gas money, but don’t have the cash? Venmo is a great way to solve those awkward money problems between friends simply by transferring money via phone instead of keeping track of IOU’s.

Bonus Tip:

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Wishing you many Adventures,

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