Be famous alright but be smart!

Famous to be famous is useless! You need to be famous to sell something. 
You can’t imagine that once you will be famous you will be able to sell anything like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. They are unique. 
You can’t be like them. You need to focus on what you want to sell. And then you have to act and start your own marketing campaign through any media possible. It’s now time to be everywhere, on any social media, on any platform and to be relevant and persistent. It’s time to dominate and not to compete. 
It’s time to act. It’s time to build your success day after day. You want to be famous to sell your products well you will need to have discipline, to be well organized and to work on a daily base.

It’s more difficult than just only show your body on your Periscope live video to your 5k viewers. By the way, why are you doing something useless? 
You want to work in the porn industry or what? Because it’s maybe the only thing your are going to do. Same for all these Reality TV people who are so well satisfied to be famous, to have thousand of followers, which are recognized in the street. Ok great famous for a year or two and for what? for nothing. 
It’s useless. These people end up broken and gave a wrong image for everyone, specially for young people. 
It’s now time for Social media and Live Videos with Periscope, Blab,Facebook Live, YouNow, Twitch, Streamup, Krue and many more.

People think they can be famous like that, by simply make hoaxes and silly & crude things. They think that it’s now time of a new Reality TV, theirs. 
It’s been over ten years that Reality TV shows them unknown people to get famous in a few weeks. They think it’s now their time to be famous by doing the exact same silly things they did. They are so wrong.

Every success is a work on a daily base and it means sacrifice not instant pleasure. If you think i’m wrong you can check the Periscope Map anytime to see how many live videos are made and watch a few one. 
Around 95% are silly things made for nothing.
So wake up silly people and act smart!

2016 © Rémy Bournoville.

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