Periscope & Snapchat are your best tools to close the deal!

You work online, your website and your store are online, you are on social media daily and you want to reach more people to have more customers. You need to adopt Periscope firstly then to redirect your viewers on Snapchat in a second time. It’s not enough anymore to send your content on your actual social media.

You need to make live videos. 
You ask why not Facebook Live? Personally i prefer to make video lives on Periscope and to share it live on Twitter. Periscope is owned by Twitter, there is a perfect integration. (Facebook can be used with Snapchat too). You need to make video lives presentation to interact with your audience. 
You have to introduce yourself, then you will be able to speak about the content of your live and begin you presentation. 
Don’t forget to answer the questions at the end. People will write to you during the session, you can tell them you are going to answer it at the end of the show and not before. Then you will answer the questions and tell your audience they can reach you at your snapchat.

Snapchat is the best place to deliver storytelling.
People love that, it’s the new place for Reality TV and you are doing the show everyday. You need to create new stories daily to entertain your audience. It’s not exactly the place to speak about your products like in Periscope but you can do it if you want. You need to speak about you. 
If you don’t understand you can see Grant Cardone or Kim Kardashian for example. Add them to your Snapchat you will see multiple snap daily form their side. You will see their lives. Keep only Grant Cardone on this example. You can see him at home, in his car or at work speaking about entrepreneurship. 
You need to have fans instead of customers. 
You can use Periscope for your Webinars and Snapchat for your Storytelling. Ok and then how to close the deal? Snapchat is also a Chat App. 
You can chat, make a phone call, make a video call with your customer. 
The best thing for you is to insert a part of your marketing campaign inside your snap. Some part of your work, some banner, something related to your work, your product, your store. 
Anyway your customer is not an idiot, he knows perfectly well why he follows you. When he will become your best fan, it will be the time to speak with him. He will be drawn subtly by one of your message. It will be the time to close the deal.

Remember to put your Snapchat code everywhere you want your customer to scan it. I put mine on my Twitter account and i put my snapchat name on my Periscope profile.

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