Snapchat introduce “Memories” to save your photos and videos!

Snapchat is going to make a huge update in the following days. “Memories” is going to be created, this new space will allow you to save your snaps and your stories
No need to record it on your Photos app, your content will be saved on your snapchat app. The Snaps you made can be send to your stories but you can also save it on your “Memories” folder and re-use it later. The Snaps you use from “Memories” to your Stories will feature a special frame to let viewers knows it’s not actual content.

Snapchat is also highlights the ability to search for Memories using keywords: “It’s super easy to find the Snap or Story you’re looking for in just a few seconds by typing keywords like “dog” or “Hawaii” — that way you can spend less time searching and more time enjoying your Memories.”

Snapchat has also created a special folder named “My eyes only” to send it your very private images and videos. Users will be able to order their content and let everyone viewing only some of their pictures and videos. 
Snapchat says: “We realized that Snapchatters want to feel comfortable showing their Memories to friends while they’re hanging out together, so we made it easy to move Snaps and Stories to My Eyes Only — and avoid awkward moments when a friend stumbles upon a Snap meant just for you.”

So, this is a major update, Snapchat is going to allow users to save pictures and videos more than 24 hours. It’s really a good news. If you use Snapchat regularly, you will like to save your pictures for example. 
Why? Because like many users you only make pictures through your snapchat app to share it to your friends. Your snaps into your stories are always going to be erased after 24 hours, nothing new about it but there is Memories.
Now, you will never make any pictures outside the Snapchat App, to do what?


- Snapchat introduces Memories: a searchable, shareable archive of your snaps:

- Snapchat update introduces Memories feature for saving Snaps, includes ‘My Eyes Only’ mode:

- Snapchat introduces Memories so you can save and share old photos:

- Snapchat’s new update proves it was never really about disappearing pictures:

- Snapchat’s new Memories tool will let you upload snaps from the past:

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