What’s happen now on Periscope?

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I’m going to tell you something about Periscope but I need to speak about myself a little bit. I’m into live streaming since twenty years. Everything from encoding software to computer networking. I’m broadcasting since 10 month on Periscope. Every day from 2016, May 7th.

I have now almost 42k followers from all part of the world. Periscope is for me the best live streaming platform on this planet. I’m speaking about a new subject everyday (News tech the morning & Live streaming the afternoon) and about my services as well.

No need to be known or to have many followers to have viewers in the room. Just to click on the Live button then on the red big one but maybe you still know it.

This is a wonderful mobile app but theses days there is a big bug about comments. Viewers can write comments in the room but it disappear about 50 minutes after the beginning of the stream in average. Sometime 20 minutes after the start.

Periscope with no comments is not Periscope. The Live streaming revolution began the 2015, March 26th and it was all about interaction, communication through comments.

What’s happen now on Periscope? They often react quickly, they often send new updates to fix any big issues encountered. But not this time, not yet indeed. We are waiting for the next update, the one to fix the big comment issue.

The problem is not the bug. This is about viewers, about the audience. As a live streamer i can see that less and less viewers are coming into chat rooms. Maybe they are fed up with repetitive bugs and not only the comment one.

I’m asking again: What’s happen now on Periscope? Are they working for a new big update? Are they working for a new version of the mobile app? Great but they need to be quick, the live streaming world is watching them!

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