Overcoming a Plague of Darkness of Our Time

Adapted from a sermon delivered to Northwest and Southwest Prairie Churches in Readstown, Wisconsin and Shaarie Torah in Portland, Oregon.

By Rabbi Melissa Weintraub

A common thread of darkness weaves together the last three of ten plagues befalling Egypt to break Pharaoh’s final resistance to freeing the Israelites. During the plague of the locusts, we are told, it was so dark that the Egyptians could not even see the ground on which they stood: “They hid all the land from view, and the land was darkened” (Ex. 10:15). The striking of the firstborn occurs at midnight. And the plague of…

My time in Rural WI

By Aviva Herr-Welber

A few days ago, I returned home from two whirlwind weeks in rural southwest Wisconsin and northeast Iowa with Resetting the Table, an organization committed to communication across divides in American life. As a part of a team conducting over 300 interviews in a 5-week span I had the opportunity listen to 25 people share their life stories, what matters most to them, and their greatest hopes and fears for our country at this political moment. The experience was humbling, energizing, and heartbreaking all at once. Humbling because many of the people I sat with have experienced…

By Rebecca Polivy

I’m grateful for the opportunity to have supported Resetting the Table in their new initiative Resetting the American Table for the last few months culminating in spending the last 8 days in rural Wisconsin interviewing a range of people in the Driftless Region. The initiative was born in the aftermath of the election when it became glaringly clear how little Americans knew and understood about each other and what matters to each of us. In one week I formally interviewed and listened to 20 diverse people (soil consultants, manure farmers, conventional farmers, organic farmers, non-profit workers, stay…

By Josh Rolnick

This summer I spent a week interviewing Trump voters in Viroqua, WI with Resetting the Table, an organization dedicated to promoting understanding and communication across areas of difference throughout the country. I went as part of Resetting the Table’s midwest “listening campaign,” which conducted hundreds of interviews over the course of the summer. Some of the interviewees participated in dialogue forums in the Viroqua area in August. This effort specifically seeks to bring people together for dialogue across partisan, geographic, and urban/rural divides.

I interviewed nine people over three days — three evangelical Christian Trump supporters, one…

Resetting the Table

The following pieces reflect a range of voices of those we’ve trained or impacted. Not all views are those of RTT as an organization.

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