I hope you forgive yourself.

I hope you forgive yourself for what has happened to you in the past. I hope you forgive yourself for letting people do things to you. I hope you forgive yourself for having so much emotions all at once, for doing something out of your control.

You deserve peace. You deserve happiness.

What’s on your mind is not always the truth. Fake news, they said, or at least what you’re trying to believe.

To be having that much of a thought can be exhausting. Half of you might want to let go, move on, keep fighting. While your mind just don’t want to cooperate. It always talks and talks and talks bad things to you as if you deserve to hear and believe it. Until you’ve come to a point that you just want to shut it down, the voices inside your head, you don’t know how so you start to stop moving forward. The demons, once again, win.

You start to feel as if your life is falling apart. You can see each of it fall and die in front of you. But, no one seems to understand. No one seems to get a grip about what is going on in your head. You tried to reach for help but seems like doing nothing is just the same.

You wish someone would tell you, which one you should believe. What humans have told you or what the voices inside your head has told you?

Keep begging for help, you don’t know until when will you ever hang on.