And With The Brave Wings She Continues to Fly…

“Failures are the steps to success. Dejection and failure are two of the assured stepping stones to success.”

2.0 The Best Version of “ME” — Reshma Pillai

Sept 3rd, 2025:

With twists and turns, with ups and downs, she rose up like a phoenix bird, and there she is with her head help up with confidence, she embarked on an ambitious journey of a successful entrepreneur. Yes it’s none other than Mrs Reshma Pillai the multimillionaire, one of the top Digital Marketer providing marketing strategies for 500 start-up companies with motive of increasing sales, social media presence and build revenue driving programs.

She is also the founder of e-learning firm “CreativeLearning” which offers online courses and live sessions with advanced technologies not only for professionals but also for kids above 4 years to encourage them to try new skills and ideas as she believes Creative learning helps in critical thinking, planning and focusing attention. She published the book named “Tacts and Facts of Digital Marketing” for which she was awarded “Digipreneur of the year” 2024 as well as “IDMA awards” in 2025. A leading international magazine featured her as one of the “Asia’s Leading Digital Marketer” as she made a great impact by her marketing skills and for providing outstanding services and implementing the innovative digital solution to the challenging problems. She is also a great philosopher and helps people to overcome their barrier and build confidence in them to try out new things and succeed in life.

The First Step

Switching career was a do or die situation. That to from a IT field to a Digital Marketing field. But she took a chance. Everyone is afraid of taking first step, so was she, but that 1 step changed her life, her attitude, her thinking, working on failure and focusing on goals and that 1 step was “The DigitalDeepak Internship program” all thanks to Deepak Kanagaraju Sir for mentoring and his guidance, she added. I want all even the housewives to enroll for digital marketing courses and re-start their career. For more guidance you can refer the article on Why digital Marketing is the best career option for Housewives?

Sky is not the limit!!!!

Don’t be ordinary, be extraordinary.

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