Change is inevitable…

Most of us do not like change. As humans we tend to be comfortable exactly where we are. Where we are able to predict and understand the outcome. A place where we are able to prepare our mental state.

Today as we discussed the topic of adaptability, one of my fellow boot camper stated (allow me to paraphrase) that before she came for the boot camp, she had prepared her mind on what to expect. However, when she arrived things had changed from what she had experienced last time and bravely she admitted the change of environment took her a back. This is not a unique situation. Many of us do this a lot. The element of surprise is not something we as human beings take well. So how do we adapt well to the many unavoidable, unpredictable situations that we face all the time?

From what I have seen, Andela being in the field of technology (an ever evolving field), sees the importance of training Andelans to learn how to adapt. They do this very strategically. One activity I remember last week was an improvisation exercise. The trainer did not give a hint of what was to come but rather just asked for a few volunteers. The eager and brave quickly raised their hands up and were summoned to the front. Of which the trainer told them that they were to act a specific scene for us, gave them instructions and… Action! You could see from the reaction of the participants that they were a bit taken a back. But none the less, they acted. It took them a few minutes and ACT 2 to get their thinking and scene right. However, a few other activities later, the trainer asked for other volunteers again and once again told them to act another scene. This time round, though different participants, they were able to react to the situation accordingly. I found this quite interesting.

Andela has been doing a few of these adaptability activities (I call them), whether intentionally or not, to help us familiarize with change. For example, working remotely in week one was for most of us different from what we expected, also working with teams. Today being day one of week two, a few changes were made such as our area of work, our group members and each group was assigned a different TA from last week. I just hope I am adapting well, but I leave you with this question; how adaptable are you to change?

“Things change. The only thing constant is change. It’s up to you to be adaptable” ~anonymous