Week 0!!

First week of Andela! To be specific, third day. I must admit I have gone through a series of emotions this week; anticipation, anxiety, excitement, shock…name it. The first two days we went through induction. This is a series of talks throughout the day from different departments explaining what Andela is all about and the roles of each department in the organization. At the end of each day it felt like information overload (like you need some time to just process) but the more I heard, the more excited and blessed I felt to be part of this program. It is awesome.

One of the key takeaways for me was Andela expects us to be EPIC by striving to learn, desiring to learn, holding our own values as we do so and most importantly working with each other. A challenge was thrown to us to reflect and analyze how we can add value and contribute to making the organization EPIC as well.

Another huge key takeaway was Andela does not teach how to program but how to learn. This may come as a shock to many but Andela values the ability of the fellows to adapt. One of the questions that stood out for me was “Who is a word class developer?” and the answer was simply, someone who can do any software project in any environment, the development stack is not a determining factor. This is why learning how to learn as a developer is very important.

One other very important discussion that stood out for me was that we should not view intelligence as a natural or genetic cause but rather a product of nurturing. That we should stop having a limiting mentality that so and so are doing it because they are naturally smart and I cannot do it. It is the concept that in the right environment with the right resources, anyone determined can do anything. This was very mind opening for me and I am still processing it because I am noticing there is a lot I had mentally limited myself from doing, yet I can do it. Food for thought…

There is a lot of expectations on us especially because we are learning a new language (for most of us that is). As well as the expectations to complete the checkpoints and the projects by the time period given, and be able to achieve these through self-learning and working as a team.

How I plan to do this is to go through the curriculum, learn and understand JavaScript. Also I have to ensure my aim is not just to pass the checkpoints but rather to actually learn JavaScript. I also plan to fully leverage to my ability the resources provided to me such as the other fellows, internet etcetera. I have to do a lot of planning, reflection and seeking/using feedback given. Also my plan is to be open minded, willing to learn, curious, ask lots of questions and basically have a growth mindset that there is nothing I cannot learn.

That is all for now but the journey does continues. Wish me all the best.

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