Luxury Apartments on Sarjapur Road

My husband and I recently bought a 3 BHK apartment on Sarjapur Road at Bren Champions Square. We presently live in a 2 BHK apartment nearby on Sarjapur Road itself. Our apartment is average in looks and the society in which our apartment is situated offers no amenities. In a couple of years, out family will also be moving to Bangalore to live with us. We wanted to buy a luxury apartment in which our parents could lead a life of comfort. Also, we needed a home in which we can have a child and give him/her a good life. All this led us to look for in our area.

looking for luxury apartments

Sarajapur Road is a great area to live in. It has several good schools, shopping areas, hospitals, offices and great connectivity to other hubs of Bangalore. That is the reason we didn’t want to change our location. We couldn’t afford a ready-to-move-in apartment due to huge down payments and anyway we wanted to move in a couple of years.

Extensive research on the web and talking to some real estate brokers helped us in short listing a few apartments. My wife and I scrutinized all the details of each of those apartments and zeroed in on luxury apartments on Sarjapur Road at Bren Champions Square. Bren offered a lot more than any other luxury apartments did. And they offered real value not just useless services. Bren’s floor plans for 3 BHK apartments are thoughtfully designed and very modern in approach. Room sizes are good with ample open spaces. They construct kitchens according to German standards. Such designing offers large storage space something that my wife always misses in our current apartment and has a hard time adjusting. Open amphitheatre, sports courts, swimming pool and lush green lawns are amenities that we always needed but never had in our apartment.

Most of all, Bren Champions Square offered us Bren Safe guarantee, which is not a marketing gimmick but holds real value in assuring fair dealing. Overall, my wife and I loved everything that Bren was offering us and their sample apartment looked very promising. We went ahead and booked our dream luxury apartment that will soon be ready for us to move in to.

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