Traditional Innovation — we got it right!

Over the many years of working on concepts, ideas and strategies, the one thing that stayed by my side each time was the good old whiteboard. #Technology may have caused disruptions and tools have emerged from every pixel possible, but they still stand short when compared to the large white space standing in front of you waiting to be explored.

At TOSS The COIN, like any other marketing strategist, we have exploited whiteboard to its maximum. Used stick-ons and coloured markers and tags and prints in tandem with the whiteboard to run ideas and explain concepts.

However we have often realised that when it comes to an application / product development and strategies and concepts on #UX / #UI, a whiteboard has its own restrictions. Somewhere we have gone back to then hand drawing multiple screens with its salient features in pages so we can visualise the co-relation and try and imagine the functionalities.

Not anymore! Introducing our simple and modest layout cards. For someone like me, these cards are like lego blocks… versatile, interactive and full of possibilities. We are now having more productive, agile and accelerated discussions around UX/UI for complex applications. Also, it makes the whole brainstorming exercise with the customer team gamified and exciting.

The layout cards are allowing us to showcase features and functionalities in the most simple form — now that’s what I call “traditional innovation”!

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