GLAD: Is the Paradigm-Shift

The bad news is out again in an international Press release @

Stronger and deeper collaboration between employers and academic institutions is needed to agree practical steps to ensure that young people are suitably prepared both academically and practically before they start work. Supporting and encouraging teachers and academics to spend time in industry — and employers to visit schools, colleges and universities — would also be hugely beneficial.”

In my continuing struggle bring about a revolution in the higher education industry in India where it is my vision to bring in engineers from the industry to visit college campuses so that students get hands-on learning on the ‘trending’ technology, or the skill-set that the industry currently needs, I’d once again extend my gratitude to Threye , a fledgling young StartUp in India, started by Anurag Rana, a young alumnus of IIT Kharagpur. He agreed to visit campus and conduct a 4-day long workshop of 4 to 5 hours per day schedule. The workshop that has set in motion a wave of passion among the ‘Game Developers / Enthusiasts’ on campus.

In the upcoming new portal of GLAD, I envisage this model of education for students in engineering colleges. In this model, like-minded students form a group and we at GLAD facilitate connecting with a mentor from the industry. They learn from the expert via hands-on experience over an online interface, and boom! There is a revolution.

The point that I keep harping on is that, students of 21st century, or these times, are far too intelligent and smart than what we used to be in our times! With technological advancements and spiritual enlightenment early in life, these students deserve much more than what is being offered even at the best of engineering colleges. As a 16 year old girl in school, I dreamt of becoming an engineer who would be cool and who would change the world. With GLAD, I am getting to do exactly that. And I know, this is not just my journey. And I must do more so that all the 15–16 year olds out there with starry ‘engineer’ dreams must be empowered to LIVE their dreams.

And, you know what? I firmly believe that engineering kids are the smartest kids out there! :-) So, yeah, GLAD is dedicated to their service. So, hold on, show some love to us, and I promise, you’ll become a part of a life-changing experience, very soon. If you are a senior manager in the corporate world, or a senior Engineering expert in a oil & gas or design firm, or a young Entrepreneur who is making headlines and heads turn these days, GLAD invites you all to become a part of what I call ‘The Learning Revolution’. As a “serial learner” myself, I look up to each one of you, with awe and imagination of you being the teacher that some kid out there would love to learn from. Thank you so much for your passion to pursue excellence in your field of work, and for your support to GLAD. Trust me, together, we’ll create a truly better world for our children and for our next generations.

Warm Regards,

Reshma Patra