Let’s Train Ourselves & Other Humans, Before We Train our AIs

In India, when millions of students from small-towns and villages get started in life to pursue professional dreams, they feel the heat of a reality:

Lack of adequate communication skills in English language.

I have seen many of them struggling, and falling behind the “more sophisticated” ones with matching technical skills. And I have also seen some of them overcoming the obstacles, using a hidden power:

The power of strong determination

This post is my tribute to all such hard-working souls who are putting all the efforts, towards becoming a stronger human being. And I do not intend to get into a debate with a certain class of our society that believes language is no barrier. In fact, I don’t even consider myself qualified enough to have one such intellectual debate. Since one of my ‘friend’ critics said to me, ‘What are you marketing?’ when I was simply raising a concern, I’d say that I am deeply concerned about access to education & mentorship.

And since I have been fortunate enough to have the education and a conducive environment at home & schools that ensured I learnt how to improve my English skills, I am very happy to share my knowledge & wisdom with the world.

So, here it is: The study material that I curated, using content from several authentic sources, including books such as High School Grammar by Wren & Martin, and ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis.

Feel free to download and study.

Also, I had the good fortune to work with some of the hard-working kids in India, who are making efforts towards improving English communication skills, I’ve created a WhatsApp group that is dedicated towards that mission. I firmly believe in the strength of a community. Team-work helps us stay focused and achieve our goals.

If you consider yourself a fellow human in the same journey, please feel free to join the WhatsApp group via this link .

Currently we have Saurav, Sumit, and myself in the group. I’ll participate as and when I’m free, as much as possible. Saurav and Sumit are college students in India. We are committed to train ourselves. United, we shall overcome all of our hurdles.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter and we’d be glad to continue the conversation.

With Gratitude,

Reshma Patra