The Why & How of a Mobile Phone.

Let’s go back to the times when we had no phones, or, say, we had Landline phones. What did we use our Landline phone for?

We used it to communicate with people living far away from us. We still use Mobile Phone for the same purpose: Communication. So, if both Mobile Phone and Landline phone served the same purpose, why did we still buy the basic (i.e. with no Camera, Calendar, or other features, barring the ‘Alarm’) features Mobile Phone? What convinced us that Mobile Phone is better than Landline?

Its “mobility”.

Yes, the fact that we could communicate on the go, made it a lucrative thing to possess.

But the pre-requisite it came with was the need to be open about our life and all things we did (until we possessed a mobile phone) in private. What do I mean by this?

I mean: To use a Mobile Phone, we had to be courageous and talk about our behind-closed-doors conversations, in public now.

And we did it. Well, most of us did it.

So what did we do, in order to start using a Mobile Phone? We embraced boldness, and exercised the freedom to talk about our ‘private lives’ in public. With the advent of Mobile Phone, we were caring for our near & dear ones & we were doing business [talking about Balance Sheets, Investments, Real Estate, Legal matters, et. al.], in public; we were saying ‘I love you’ aloud; we were saying ‘I’ll wait up for you; when will you return home?’ in wide daylight; we were saying ‘Go to hell! I don’t give a damn’ without fear of being heard; we were discussing ‘What’s the stock price today? Okay, sell it’ to our stock-market agent friends; we were uttering Money amounts in bank accounts and we were providing real-time updates on our ‘geographical location’ as we were travelling to reach office to be invited by a team for a meeting.

And, what did we get in return for using Mobile Phone? For being so bold ? For being so fearless ? For being so upfront ? For coming closer to one another like never before ?

We got in return:

  1. Comfort of knowing that a near one will be home in another 5 minutes
  2. Freedom to express love and hatred, with support from the nearby listeners [You see, nobody makes a judgment when we say ‘I love you’ or ‘Go to hell’]
  3. Time to take calculated risks to finish up pending tasks before a business partner arrives for *the* discussion that you dread
  4. Real-time updates on stock-prices! Only Mobile Phone could beat that, and it did
  5. Lifestyle improvement because of all of the above :)

I mean, what more do you want of life: Love, Well-being, Freedom to love/hate, Time to increase chances of promotion, and Money. Bliss.

So, the point that I intend to drive home is that:
When we embrace a bit of risk, abandon pre-conceived notions of ‘what constitutes privacy’, and take actions to make things happen, so that our quality of life and the quality of life of our next generations improve, we really demonstrate “Be The Change”, and we change the world.

Why am I getting so serious about Mobile Phone?

Well, the ‘Mobile Phone’ story needed to be told, because it is an analogy to what my Startup is offering, to Startup Owners and to Musicians and Music Teachers.

So, my dear friends who are Startup Founders / Employees, and who are Musicians and Music Teachers, I’d humbly request you to read this article once again. Because, my Startup is coming up with a lifestyle change that we all must embrace, so that we create a better world for ourselves and for our next generations.

Thank You.

Best Regards,