A Response Letter to PC George’s Comments

Let me explain the issue at hand.

PC George is a Kerala politician that recently entered hot water with a derogatory statement about a rape victim.

The victim being a 46-year-old nun that was raped by a bishop THIRTEEN times between 2014 and 2016.

PC George alleged that the rape victim is a prostitute, and if she truly was being assaulted, then she would have reported it the first time.

Dear Mr. PC George,

How DARE you sit back all calm and relaxed, and have the heart to make such disgusting statements? What do you think this victim had to gain from making claims against a bishop? Who do you think would have been believed more on the basis of their status and position?

There are a large number of unreported sexual assaults that occur in India yearly. Why do you think that is? Many think that the family honor of a woman lies in her hymen. A rape victim that chooses to speak up becomes a victim once again by the society that chooses to side with the perpetrators.

You have situations where someone of high status and power assaults someone, and then tries to “keep it quiet” by giving bribes and threats.

There are victims that stay silent because of the pressure of family honor. In a typical Indian arranged marriage, it is always the purity of the bride that is examined. Does the potential groom ever get a test of his virginity?

Unfortunately we live in a society where men of higher power and authority can pretty much do WHATEVER they want and get away scot-free.

Are you aware of how much strength it takes a woman in India to report about a sexual assault? She has to be prepared for an onslaught of questioning about her character, as blaming the victim is something which is quite a timely tradition.

Has there been ANYTHING done by the Catholic church in Kerala to try and prevent such obscenities from happening? I am quite sure this isn’t the first time that someone has complained.

It isn’t enough that this innocent nun has had to endure such torment, but small minded individuals such as yourself have to drag her through the dirt again with such slanderous attacks.

Shame on you.

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