My Imperfect Diary: Day 18

I took some time for myself over the latter half of the week and I feel almost as good as new. I’ve been practising being on time for everything – a ridiculous concept to half of you, and probably relatable content to the other half – and so far it’s working out. I feel much better for it.

I feel like I’m finally getting into the hang of functioning like an adult. Of course, I still have those awful moments when everything seems to go to shit, but it’s decidedly more positive than it has been.

I’m also making an effort to put a more positive lens on. I know some people shudder when they hear a phrase like that, because it’s usually accompanied by a resounding naïveté that refuses to see the world for what it is. Make no mistake, I know the world feels like a clusterfuck of disaster and doom right now – I’m just trying to make it a little bit more bearable for myself and those around me.

With that, I am off to bed. I hope this week is good to you.