My Imperfect Diary: Day 48

Dear Elephants,

Today had it’s ups and downs. You can tell because this entry is being published much later than usual.

I was lucky enough to go and catch up with a dear friend of mine, and we let each other check in emotionally (something which can be very difficult to do, especially if, like her, you’ve moved more than a hundred miles away from your main support system).

I returned home absolutely depleted, but still managed to make dinner and do the dishes, which I am very proud of. I also caught the latter half of the Olivier Awards, which I enjoyed! It’s so much fun being able to guess who the announcers are for each category. (Who am I kidding, I only got Audra McDonald and Lin-Manuel Miranda right. It’s a start though.)

I also finished reading the above article, which is the most thorough and comprehensive assessment of the conflict in Syria that I’ve come across to date. I’d definitely recommend it.

I have so much more to share with you all but I think I’ll hold off for the moment – I really need some sleep!

Divya 🐘😘