Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts for Season 10 of Doctor Who

My Imperfect Diary: Day 52; or, why I have a crush on Bill Potts

Dear Elephants,

Today, I sat down to watch the latest episode of Doctor Who with my siblings, as any reasonable person would do on Easter Sunday, and I was b l o w n. a w a y.

What did we do to earn the gem that is Bill Potts? A thick-brow’d, loud, happy, openly gay, working class, black girl with natural hair from London?!

There is so much I can write about her, just from one episode. She’s experienced a lot of hardship and heartbreak, but it doesn’t define her character; she lives in foster care; she got a job at the uni she dreamed of; she’s brave and keen to learn (c’mon, she sneaks into lectures and agrees to meet the Doctor even though she knows she’s in trouble); she’s brilliant (getting a first? Consistently?? That’s so impressive) and she’s got just a hint of Eleven about her:

Add to all this the fact that she is beautiful and has excellent fashion sense? I. Am. Slain.

(Those earrings she’s wearing in the second gif? I have those too!)

I was angry at BBC for announcing that Mackie would be leaving the show after only one season, but now I’m genuinely upset. We deserve to have characters like Potts – and not just once in a blue moon either.

That being said, I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Divya 🐘😘