Hired A Roofing Contractor For New Roof

residential roofing contractor San Antonio

I needed a roof leak and needed to find someone to do the roofing work with my home. I termed as a few different places and so they both offered free estimates therefore i asked both of them to accomplish an estimate. They came at different times and the first one told me I’d need a whole new roof. The 2nd person told me the same. I just didn’t desire to pay the money to possess a whole new roof placed on my home. I really couldn’t afford it. However had to do something to maintain my home intact. And so i hired the one that offered me a cheaper price. I knew there is nothing else I could do but get a new roof. After getting that loan and selling a number of my things, I had been able to afford the roof. I will be happy I got a brand new roof, but I am not really happy in regards to the things I had to sell and also the loan I am trying to repay now. This roof should last Two decades so hopefully I do not run into any issues with it and need more work done onto it.

roofing contractor San Antonio

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