Uber knows a good facelift

Exploiting the experience, not just the service.

That’s why today we are pleased to announce the new Our website has been completely redesigned to complement the high quality experience we hope to achieve every time you use our app.

Uber has been growing, disrupting cities and their governments since 2009 by providing a transportation service that feels like you have your very own private driver.

Four years later a facelift is made to their website. Services today rely on customer stories, the power of word of mouth and their website. Many services and companies push for a facelift for the purpose of re-representing their mission, why they are the best or just to stay current. four years ago

Aside from their recent facelift Uber also decided to change up how they are percieved. This was their logo. Going from the red “U” to a “U” that could be imagined as a mark on any quality car on the street.

Brand New compares the old with the new in 2011

There were many criticisms by the design world. If we existed back then we would have applauded the new Uber logo. Travis Kalanick, Uber’s co-founder and CEO said the following about the change:

Some words that come to mind: Distinguished, Efficient, Elegant, Convenient, Modern, Luxurious, Quality, Service, Baller, Like-Woah…
…Our service is very good, but it still is not perfect and has its flaws. We didn’t want to float above water looking down on everyone who tried to approach us. Instead, it’s luxurious, but has its quirks, and its panache and is intended to have a level of approachability.

We concur. And today we concur again.

Uber knows good direction, not only by the performance of their service (get it?) but by the quality of their observations and visions.

They observe current progress, reflect and digest. They aren’t oblivious to what their customers are saying and feeling about the service.

They envision how to better the service and obtain more customers by focusing on the experience.

And now this recent facelift of Uber’s website responds directly to why we believe Uber is good. Rather than just talking about the service or showing what the service can do through features they are exploiting the experience, the benefits. Six to be exact.

Moving people. The Uber app connects you with a driver at the tap of a button.
Get it done. UberX makes it easy and affordable to take care of the everyday.
Make it a night out. Kick off your evening with no reservations.
Be the boss. Take a meeting on your way to the meeting.
Arrive in style. Show up ready for the occasion.
Go global. Use Uber wherever you land next. today

A good facelift is one that exploits something that matters more than anything else. As previously said,

Many services and companies push for a facelift for the purpose of re-representing their mission, why they are the best or just to stay current.

Uber did all three in good fashion.

Their mission or tagline, “Everyone’s private driver”, was front and aligned-left on the prior website. Now it’s hidden amongst all the benefits. Hiding a tagline can say a lot about the maturity and public grasp of what they are doing and where they are going. Think about other successful companies today. We know what many of their missions might say and be 90 percent right. And 100 percent of them are hidden.

Hopefully one day our mission will be implied and not just displayed.

Every service, company or organization needs to believe they are the best. Showing why can be explained through features and how you position and present yourself. Uber does both in this facelift.

Six features on why they are the best

Lastly, they are staying current by adapting to design trends on the web. We have been seeing the push behind better copy with the help of good typography and adding imagery to paint and leave an emotion and relation.

Today Uber’s website correctly represents who they are and what they do. Everything is implied and explained. It’s exploited and not just shown.

From they copy and imagery to capture our emotion on why they are best to exploiting the experience of what current and future customers discover Uber does it right.

Uber knows a good facelift.

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