Forbes announced the launch of the It Remains Franchise in Dubai VR Gallery

It Remains NFT
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The first major event will be an exhibition at the Infinity Des Lumieres interactive gallery in Dubai, which will take place on April 27th.

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When the pandemic began, Vasil Tuchkov, age 36, was in a gloomy mood due to a rough break up with his romantic partner, leading him on the journey to write a new story. Together with his friend and neighbor Ed Matinyan, they laid the foundations of the post-dystopian world of “It Remains”, which includes a graphic novel and a collection of non-fungible tokens or NFTs worth about 1.4 million euros. Tuchkov’s ambition, however, is well beyond that. His idea is to grow to the scale of “Star Wars’’ and to be the first decentralized franchise, based on blockchain and the creativity of a large community. This idea managed to attract the former art director of Pixar and co-founder of ARC Academy — Antoni Hristov, age 51, as well as dozens of investors from around the world.

Founder of StudioRubik — the Disruptive-Creative Agency. Vasil is also the Co-Founder of a blockchain full-service company. Anthony Christov spent 37 years in Hollywood, the last 18 of which, working as an art director for Pixar.
Vasil Tuchkov and Antoni Hristov

Unlike most popular NFT collections, “It Remains’’ relies on vivid history & lore. It is inspired by authors such as Neil Gaiman and artists such as Zdzislaw Bekszynski. “Storytelling builds our perception of the world, it is the fabric from which our dreams are made,” says Tuchkov. “What attracted me to the project was its magnitude and the profound meaning of the story. This is what sets us apart from the others”, says Antoni Hristov. In his opinion, NFTs are a new technology that is fun and interesting, but have missed out, so far, on the element of the story that is being told.

Vasil Tuchkov defines the genre of “It Remains” as beyond dystopia. The graphic novel portrays a world on its dying breath, where only sand, bones and plastic remain. At the center of this world is the Yellow Mouth — a growing yellow lake that swallows everything in its path. Along the ever-expanding shores of the lake, live It and his dad, who are resisters — challenging and withstanding the enticing force of the Yellow Mouth.

Vasil is also the Co-Founder of a blockchain full-service company. His work includes creative & marketing campaigns with viral reach in the UK, USA, Japan, Brazil.

“This is a story about the loss of definition, about change and adaptation,” Tuchkov said. The protagonists of this story are bound to walk through this world every day and set enough distance apart, so that, when they eventually fall asleep and wake up, the Yellow Mouth will not have had the chance to catch up and swallow them. However, if they happen to dip their hands in the yellow lake, whilst holding onto an item, then that item will become a part of their bodies. This way the resisters can add appendages that could help them with survival, but it also opens the doorway to a possibility of absurd items that could get attached, without known context.

This doubles as the explanation of the NFT collection “It Remains: RESISTERS”, which includes 7777 randomly generated resisters. They are composed of various hand-painted pieces, which are then assembled by a computer at random. Each piece occurs only a limited number of times and based on that rarity — the rank of the unique and irreplaceable token is determined.

The idea of ​​the resisters is inspired by real problems with waste management and homeless people, which are parts of our modern world. “I traveled to many cities and photographed homeless people and junkyards there, which later Ed Matinyan and I transformed into these images,” Tuchkov said. That’s why some of the resisters have recognizable items as parts of their bodies — parts of electric scooters, an Oscar statuette or plastic bags from popular supermarkets.

“It Remains” has now been in production for more than two years, during which Tuchkov managed to attract a large team of professionals in various fields. The central figures in the project stand behind it with their real names, including the companies of Tuchkov — Motion Software and Studio Rubik. This publicity is unusual in the world of NFTs, where most collections are distributed by anonymous groups. “We want to show that we are in it for the long haul, not with the idea of making short term profits,” Tuchkov said.

An Ethereum-powered NFT collection, community-governed franchise, based on the graphic novel “It Remains”. Genesis collection of 7777 generative hand-drawn Resisters. Inspired by environmental issues.
It Remains is a Graphic Novel in-the-making, written by author Vasil Tuchkov & drawn by digital artist Ed Mattinian.

This approach seems to work, as Tuchkov can boast with a huge interest from investors all around the world. The first major event will be an exhibition at the Infinity Des Lumieres interactive gallery in Dubai, which will take place on April 27th. “At the exhibition we will launch the project in a unique form that combines conventional entertainment and art, along with the new abstract world of the metaverse and NFTs,” said Tuchkov. Then in May the minting of the collection will happen, as each NFT will be sold for 0.066 ethers (approx. 180 euros) and will give access to physical prizes, as well as the right to vote for the future development of the franchise.

The following steps are publishing the graphic novel and sending the physical prizes — comics, action figures and posters to the ones who have bought tokens. What is more, there is development on a video game, which will include token holders. “They will have the say on how the story goes, because things are not completely determined by us,” says Antoni Hristov. “We will see how it all develops, based on the investors, who will have the voice.”

It Remains is a Graphic Novel in-the-making, written by author Vasil Tuchkov & drawn by digital artist Ed Mattinian.
An Ethereum-powered, community-governed franchise, based on the graphic novel “It Remains”.

Part of the development of the franchise will be the creation of the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and its vault, which will be governed by the votes of the NFT holders. The franchise will also have a grant scheme to fund community ideas, such as board games. “We want to encourage creative and tech people to work together under the same roof and on the same topic,” Tuchkov said. The vault will receive 50% of the revenue from the secondary sales of the tokens in the collection, as well as a part of the revenue from the physical sales of the products from the franchise.

Tuchkov and Hristov’s ambition is balanced on the point of uniting creative people to work within the universe of “It Remains” as well as their tenacious interest in new technologies. “The progressive aspect is the medium and interactivity, but Vasil’s story is a very human one and I help him, so we can tell it in an effective and interesting way,” says Antoni Hristov. For Vasil Tuchkov, however, this new medium is one of the main forces of motivation. “This is not something cliche and painfully familiar”, he says. “That’s what drives us, makes us excited and gets us more and more inspired for the project.”

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It Remains NFT

The NFT collection “It Remains: RESISTERS” consists of 7777 unique, randomly generated, hand-drawn pieces from the setting of the graphic novel.