First Post: An Update from our Co-creator

In the last 4 months, the Resistance Manual has made remarkable progress both in terms of content and organization, here are some highlights:

  • We recruited over 300 volunteers to help with content curation.
  • We populated the state pages with data to help analyze policy impacts.
  • We added a crisis resource page, built out our tools of resistance, essential readings and people and organizations page.
  • We organized those volunteers into policy specific groups with team leads to coordinate content curation.
  • We formed partnerships with over 20 national organizations to help ensure accuracy and completeness of content and get the Manual to grassroots organizers.
  • We went from having 2 editors approving all content contributions to having a team of professional copy editors volunteering their time to edit and approve content.
  • We surveyed our volunteer content curators for feedback.
  • We created a shared principles and guidelines document based on our content curators feedback to help them coordinate their efforts and decide what information to add.
  • We created an FAQ for activist contributors who were looking for resources/guidance on adding to the Manual.
  • We launched a digital media strategy and team with volunteers to curate daily content for Facebook and Twitter.
  • We have given over 20 interviews with national media outlets.
  • We have spoken at panels and been invited to speak at conferences.
  • We had the Manual evaluated for user friendliness and intuitiveness and revamped the organizational structure.
  • Our parent organization, Stay Woke, launched to encourage engagement with state legislators using the Manual as an informational resource.
  • We trained a managing editor to take over day to day management of the Manual’s content, digital media and collaborations with partners.

I have been so proud to work on building the Resistance Manual and with such a diverse and dedicated team of volunteers! I am so excited to be handing over much of the daily responsibility to our new project director, Addy Salami, who has been working on the Manual since its launch and as our policing team lead. Check back next week for our first Member spotlight, to learn more about her!

In love and solidarity,

Aditi Juneja