#FutureIsFemale at reSITE

The Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima from SANAA, Pritzker Prize laureate, will give a keynote lecture in Prague

reSITE will feature nearly two dozen exceptional female voices at the In/visible City international conference happening in June in Prague — 60% of announced speakers. This number is exceptional in the fields of architecture and urban development, particularly at events which are still dominated by males.

“These are leading voices of a generation of women who, through their hard work, precision, inspiration, ambition implement their vision in the design of the cities of the future. This trend is perceptible through the increasing number of female mayors throughout the world (Paris, Tokyo, Prague, Barcelona, Rome, Baghdad).

We chose to invite these speakers to represent their vision of the city, not to give them a chance to speak, but because through their work, they took this chance” says Osamu Okamura, Program Director of reSITE.
Leni Schwendinger, global lighting design expert and founder of NightSeeing ™ will bring her first lightwalk experience to gas-lit night streets of Prague © Leni Schwendinger

40 globally respected women and men participating at reSITE are actors and leaders in the renewal of the perception of the urban environment, and each one of their works allows a better understanding of the cities’ dynamics and their infrastructures. Ministers, mayors, architects, city planners and data experts will talk about invisible and smart infrastructure as vital to cities for the next generation. At reSITE they will speak as leading professionals who work at designing a contemporary, integrated, safe and livable city for each individual and the next generation of urban dwellers. They will show urban planning and architecture as a form of power on people’s lives and cities economies.

“The future city is female,” says reSITE’s founder Martin Barry, who’s team is dominated by talented women.
Arnhem Central Station, UN Studio. Caroline Bos. © UN Studio

Caroline Bos from Amsterdam-based UNStudio, admired landscape architect Kathryn Gustafson and Fonna Forman, professor at the University of San Diego, California will discuss from reSITE stage in Prague with some of the most brilliant editors who will moderate the discussion about the future of urban infrastructures.

To join the discussion, sign-up at reSITE.org.

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