Why Instagram is Making us “healthy”

Zoe Resnick

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through healthy foodie’s on Instagram and feel the need to become healthy yourself?

Well, it turns out that is a very common trend throughout the Instagram world. Once Instagram became a perfect platform to share your “food porn”, an entire population emerged of vegans, raw foodies and healthy accounts.

So… Is Instagram always a reliable source for health advice?


Just what makes instagram so unreliable for health advice?

1) Anyone can post

Whether you are a certified nutritionist, or just a twelve year old girl, anyone can post pictures of their #healthy food. No one can know whether this information is coming from a reliable source.

2) False Images

Since the usual is about one post per day, it’s easy to take a picture of any healthy looking meal to keep your followers devoted. No one knows what an instagramer may be eating for the rest of their meals during the day. For all we know, their diet could consist of McDonald’s and Taco Bell.


3) Product Placement

Food bloggers and celebrities get paid to post pictures of new products that “work wonders”. This makes users want to buy the product being featured. If it works for your favorite celebrity, why wouldn’t it work for you?

So, the main point is not to trust everything you see posted on Instagram. You never know whether someone may be getting paid or are just posting for fame and likes. Think twice before you purchase that new tea or protein powder!

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