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Cristina Punzo is a freshman and musician at Montclair State University. She has studied classical piano since she was a kid. Now, she likes to write original songs as well as creating pop cover of jazz and rock songs. In high school, Cristina was apart of a showcase that allowed her to perform in front of her entire school. While she has performed in front of people before, she has never performed in a real venue or bar before, until last Sunday night. I met up with Cristina a few days before her show and photographed her working on her material for her upcoming show. I then attended her performance at The Bitter End, an iconic bar that has had many famous musicians perform. Cristina got past her nerves, and put on a performance for an audience of mostly friends and family. Cristina will now be performing at the bar Sunday nights each week.

Musician and Montclair State student Cristina Punzo practicing in her dorm last week. Photo By Austin Resnick
Cristina Punzo preparing a new song for her upcoming show in New York City. Photo by Austin Resnick
Cristina Punzo performing an original song at her dorm. Photo by Austin Resnick
A wall at The Bitter End, a bar in New York City where Cristina Punzo is set to perform last Sunday. Photo by Austin Resnick
Christina Punzo performing for a crowd of mostly friends and family last Sunday. Photo by Austin Resnick
Cristina Punzo performing her original songs. Photo by Austin Resnick
Christina Punzo takes a breath before performing her final song for the night. Photo by Austin Resnick
Cristina talking with friends and fans after her performance Sunday night. Photo by Austin Resnick
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