A Quick Guide on making and succeeding with new year resolutions

New year resolutions are things that should be “doable”/”actionable”.

They Should be crisp and clear, very particular and most importantly something that can be acted upon.

Ideally, they should not be more than 5 in count. The more resolutions you make the lesser focus you have on each one of them.

Its like Richard Feynman’s quote-
“You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird… So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.”

Make someone else part of your journey- Share it

This is where power of engagement comes in. Share your resolutions with everyone else or at least with your best friend, then resolutions are a promise not only to yourself but to someone else as well, which will definitely be a driving force for you and you will have someone to help you follow up and talk about it.

Remind yourself of your resolutions everyday

Our brain needs repetition to really ingrain something in us. So we need to remind our brain everyday of our resolutions, they act as stimuli to take action on the resolution, until they become habit. So write them down or put them on your wallpaper, or make it your password for your computer or something that you use regularly.

Follow at least for 21 days

They say doing something continuously for at least 21 days makes it a habit and your chances of successfully completing them increases multi-fold. In these 21 days, push yourself a little, take help of a friend or apps like Resolutions2015.

So what are you doing in 2015?

Go make your list.

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