Seniors in Nursing Homes are at a Great Risk if They Leave the Premise with No Supervision

Dementia starts to set in around the age of 65 for most people, which means that any senior who leaves the nursing home is in danger of getting lost, hurt, or both. Without being able to contact their nursing homes, senior home residents are left distraught and uncomfortable. While talking to the Operations Director of an unnamed non-profit senior home, she stated, “There have been several instances where our residents have wandered too far, lost their exact orientation, and returned by the police thankfully a few hours later.” Although dementia in most seniors is not severe, it becomes easier and easier for them to forget their exact location, orientation, or directions back to where they came from. One would think that senior homes have protocol set in place to be able to locate seniors in cases of emergency, but after several conversations with management of senior homes, this is not the case.