Typical products from the Region of Murcia

This is a time to talk about typical products of our region, the region of Murcia. There is everything, from food and drinks to desserts and coffees.

Typical foods as per regions in Murcia — Resort Choice

Paparajote. It is a typical dessert from Murcia. It is made from the leaves of lemon covered with a mass of egg and flour. These are fried and then sprinkled powdered sugar and cinnamon on top.


This dessert was introduced by the Arabs in the city of Murcia, and the peasants of the time they did and took after each meal with coffee.

Liquor 43

Liquor 43. The liquor 43 is an alcoholic beverage that is made in the city of Cartagena. 43 citrus, fruits and spices of the Mediterranean, plus egg are needed to brew this liquor. It has a golden color and a sweet taste. It contains 43% alcohol.

Until 2012 it was made in the factory district of San Anton in Cartagena. Now the factory has moved to the industrial area of Los Camachos, near Cartagena. This liquor is closely linked to the following product which we will see as it is one of its main ingredients.

Asiatico Coffee

Asiatico coffee. It is an alcoholic drink made of coffee. It is typical of the city of Cartagena and is one of the most important products of the gastronomy of the region.

Jumilla wine. Jumilla wines are wines with Spanish designation of origin. The grape varieties are Monastrell, Garnacha grape Grenache dyer, among other …

The appellation covers 42,000 hectares of vineyards, divided in 7 municipalities of Albacete and Jumilla.

Caldero. The Caldero is a rice fish with an intense flavor. It is typical of the Mar Menor area, especially in Cabo de Palos.


The fish used for cooking rice is a rock fish, which was caught in the area.

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