Experience the Uniqueness at JIM CORBETT Cottages

Corbett cottages provides an irreplaceable experience of breathing in an independent atmosphere and at the same time adoring the lavishness of a resort. It is perhaps the finest option for you next holiday as they provide you a mishmash of natural and a classy experience. Offered at a reasonably priced budget, Corbett cottages lets you make the best of your holiday.

Artistically decorated, these luxurious housing is jam-packed filled with fresh creature comfort and old realm magnificence. Perfect for a Group Stay with friends and family, or a bosom Honeymoon. They expose up to green panoramas that are not only relaxing for the mind, but also for your inner peace. It is impeccable for those who dear being right in the core of nature, away from the gathering.

Corbett cottages is also the ultimate journey’s end for luxury in the hub of uninhabited creation of Mother Nature. The massive space in the interior of the cottages invokes the mood of tranquility in the midst of the green environments. The beautiful Jim Corbett Cottages are fashioned to provide the heart of true choice in the wild, embedded to the ever popular cradle of Mother Nature.

It is the ultimate hideaway for countryside fanatics, scientists, authors, artists and folks who would like a break from the lifetime of the everyday chore.


Corbett National Park: Corbett National Park is one of India’s most stunning wildlife areas of tiger population, which marks this park as the last and the most significant fortress of dying out species in India.

Gajria Temple: The temple is in reality a gigantic rock that is positioned in the midst of river Kosi, which has been named as Garjia Devi after the divinity. Devotees reach temple after ascending several flights of staircases. Temple entices thousands of devotees from across the world. Just married Duo coming to Corbett must seek the blessings of Garjia Devi.

Sitabani Forest Reserve: Sitabani is a paradise for bird viewers as the place is the only spot where many species of feathered creatures embellish the surrounding area. Apart from this, the reserve offers a dwelling to a decent number of wildlife including shouting deer, tigers, leopard, wild boars, elephant and king cobra. The place has notable reputation too; connected with the epic Ramayana, it is believed that Sitabani is the same abode where Goddess Sita spent her days of exclusion.

Corbett Water Fall: The waterfall is nestled in the middle of the green vegetation and pours down into a small lagoon like pool. It is a best picnic spot for groups staying at Corbett cottages. Tourist can revel in swimming and can energize all the senses of the body.

Kosi River: The River is populated by Masheer and invites many kinds of migrant birds too. So the expanse is best for bird watching and snapping them. It is a great home for young voyagers, sitting at the banks of river in the twilight, have a drink of beer and you can read your much loved book.