RG-LA hosts Saturday social @ Far Bar

On September 9th, the LA chapter of Resource Generation hosted a social gathering at Far Bar in Little Tokyo. Organized by co-leaders Derek Lu and Katie Wang, it was intended to be a low-key event for new/prospective and current members of the organization to come out and meet one another, share stories about what motivates us as young people with wealth to support social justice endeavors, and enjoy delicious bar snacks and delightful cocktails. The event attracted 5 currently active and 5 interested members, which firmly met our expectations.

Derek and Katie talked briefly about the goals of RG and the ground rules for the space, including confidentiality rules about not “outing” fellow young people with wealth in other spaces. Then, we introduced the leaders of our upcoming praxis series, Cathy Chu and Maya Barron, who shared their visions for the 6-month workshop series, in which members meet for 6 months consecutively at each others’ homes and discuss the nitty gritty of how young people with wealth can work to redistribute land, wealth, and resources. From there, members broke out into smaller, free flowing discussions on a variety of topics, including direct organizing tactics, fighting gentrification in low income, immigrant heavy communities, and what sustains us in these turbulent political times.

Look out for our next event, on 10/28 at Far Bar in Little Tokyo, from 1–3PM. It will be specifically for Asian/Asian Americans who identify as wealthy or having class privilege. The purpose is not to exclude but to provide a safe space for API folks to begin to think about their class status as it relates to their ethnic and racial backgrounds. We hope you can join us!