Surveys are important but boring?

Do you think surveys are boring?

Probably they are for the most of people, because they think it is just a waste of time to fill them. The most of the time people skip them without answering. This is what customers think, but taking a step backward we must take few consideration first, so let’s jump on the side of the seller.

Do you think surveys are important?

The answer is Yes in most of the cases. They exist since the dawn of time, so probably there is a reason for that. Surveys are a really powerful tool to better understand the needs of your customers or leads. Just like social networks, newsletters, analytics and so on, surveys are a great tool for making statistics and improving your own business.

Now the main question is: Surveys are important but boring?! How can i solve that?

To fix this we have to think a way to make a survey less boring for your audience.

Here are few advice:

Keep your survey short! Just few questions, choose the most relevant for you. People do not want to spend much time for filling it.

Keep your survey in one page. Do not use step by step surveys split on more than a page, otherwise you will discourage your customers to take the time to fill it.

Give a title to your survey. A clear and simple title. It must be attractive and raise interest. Do not just put a link labeled “Go to the Survey!”

Try to be short in your questions and answers. Your audience must read them at a glance, they do not need to concentrate for that.

Keep the shortest and easiest questions at the top of your survey to invite customers to start answering.

Avoid the use of open answers. People do not want to spend time in thinking and writing. They prefer to have a range of pre-filled answers to check.

Your survey must be visible on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Think that people can answer your survey when they are getting bored on a train or bus. They can use your survey to spend some time, so give them this opportunity.

Choose the right questions. Write down all the questions you want to ask and than take just the few that really are important.

These are some of the main rules to apply if you wanna reach a wider range of customers for raising your business. Hope it will help you!

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