A Short View on the RED-Platform Functionality and Usability — Web and Mobile Versions

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Aug 13 · 11 min read

The Shift From Traditional Energy Consumption Towards Digital

The traditional way of energy consumption consists of a centralized supplier owning the resources, offering individuals the opportunity of signing-up to receive electric power in order to use everything from home illuminating to charging their smartphone. The producer was the one establishing costs, delivery and all the other details. Given the market monopolies, there wasn’t any alternative that could help with people’s needs within this sector.

The RED-Platform decentralizes energy consumption, transforming the entire system into a peer-to-peer network that gets rewarded for using and generating renewable energy sources, or green energy, also encouraging transactions and MWAT usage in-between platform members. Empowering the end-user and small producers to become prosumers.

About the RED-Platform & How To Become a User

What is the RED-Platform (RED-P)? A “global energy supply platform using blockchain protocol to democratize a sector burdened by bureaucracy and transaction costs, freeing up capital, saving consumers money, helping local small producers earn more and allowing real peer to peer direct energy trading using existing infrastructure.”

The RED Platform is a software infrastructure for global decentralized energy supply. Consumers and producers register to use the RED-P to gain access to a global energy supply, intelligent wifi meters, watt prediction software, peer-to-peer (P2P) energy exchange, and the potential to earn green certificates. All having the end goal of building a more sustainable future and better the climate worldwide.

How can it benefit you? The advantages of becoming a user span from having web and mobile app accessibility to the designated interface and functions, P2P energy exchange, wireless metering, being able to switch between suppliers while online, transparent and simple invoicing, excellent 24/7 customer service, and most of all eliminating bureaucracy. The service resulted from all these components stands for a superior one, versus the traditional players on the energy market.

Web and Mobile App Usability Information

1. Web Application Functionality

After accessing the platform, you arrive on the main landing page. The main menu on top of the page allows you to navigate by either clicking on each button or simply scroll down to access the designated information. On the first page, the app prompts you to send invitations to others interested. To do that you just have to insert their phone numbers and click “Send Invite”, and a notification will be sent. The more people that begin using the platform, the better.

Tradeview” allows you to select the green energy producer of your choice: by country and filtering the price either in ascending or descending order. Bellow, there are five green energy options that you can select from: solar, wind, hydro, biomass or biogas. Clicking on each will display the availability for the parameters previously selected (available / not available in the designated country).

The “About” section allows you to explore the RED ecosystem, looking at topics like “Cheap Energy”, “Crypto Payments”, “Energy Trading”, and “Energy Transfers”.

Cheap Energy” — Buy cheaper energy directly from producers

Crypto Payments” — You can opt to pay your energy bills with cryptocurrency

Energy Trading” — Trade energy on the blockchain

Energy Transfers” — Send and receive energy anywhere in the world

Scrolling down you can find a synthetized graph explaining how it all works.

The “Feature” section familiarizes you with our mission — “to re-invent the way energy is bought, sold and traded globally” — and introduces the “prosumer” concept (consumer + producer hybrid), as well as the central benefits of choosing to use the RED Platform as energy supplier.

Global Reach” — Be part of a global community of energy producers

Best Rates” — Sell energy at retail prices directly to final consumers

Business Expansion” — Become the local supplier of renewable energy

Extra Income” — Earn extra money with your unused energy by trading it on the blockchain

Scrolling further down, you arrive at a detailed description of the energy packages offered in the platform, depending on the type of user you decided to operate it as (listed below the image).

  1. Producer Packages

RED Prosumer***: <25 KW installed power, at 4.99 eur / month; RED Small Producer: <100 KW installed power at 19,95 eur / month; RED Medium Producer: >100 KW and >1 MW installed power, at 49,95 eur / month; RED Large Producer: >1 MW installed power, at 99,95 eur / month

(***only available for validated consumer accounts)

2. Consumer Packages

RED For Home: <30 KW installed power, at 4.99 eur / month; RED For Small Business: <100 KW installed power at 19,95 eur / month; RED For Corporate: >100 KW and <= 1 MW installed power, at 49,95 eur / month; RED For Industry: > 1MW installed power, at 99,95 eur / month

3. Trader Package

Standard Package: the subscription for this package is 0.97 eur / month

All three packages include the installation of a RED smart meter for real-time energy data, so as to have the complete information at your disposal.

The “Screenshot” section walks you through the mobile interface and its functional design.

Further down, you reach the “Team” section, where you’ll see a brief listing and description of each member. To see all the team, click on the left or right arrows next to the screen sides.

To see the details, click on the image, and a small pop-up will appear. To exit, just click the “x” on the pop-up’s top right corner, or anywhere on the page outside the pop-up.

Once you’re back in the main window, scrolling down you arrive at the social media connection links (click on each icon to reach us on each platform), and see the latest news in article form. To see more articles, click on the left or right arrows next to the screen sides. Click to read, and another window will be opened, leading you to our Medium page. Go back to the initial page to keep scrolling through the platform.

Next, you have the option of earning free MWAT tokens by inviting others via email to join the RED Platform. The network is thus self-sufficient and assuring self-growth, and at the same time transforming all of its members in green energy users, contributing to a sustainable future. Add the email and click the “Send Invite” button.

The web-page ends with details such as “Terms and Conditions”, “Privacy Policy” and “Contact” among others. Click on each link to read the information you’re interested in.

Dashboard” is the section where you can create your user and password via your telephone number, or log-in if you already have an account.

1. Mobile Application Functionality

In order to enter on the platform, the users download the application (RED Platform) from Google Play or App Store, depending on the device you are using. After installing it, you will need to follow the same steps as for the web app, new/existing account, password and customization. As we are only beginning, watch this space for even more details on the functionality of each type of app. Also, feel free to let us know your questions and feedback.

How To Become a User on the Platform

  1. Create a new account

Step 1 — Access the RED Platform website

Step 2 — Click on “Dashboard” on the main upper menu

Step 3 — Insert your phone number and click “Continue”. To go back to the home screen, click on “Go back to the Home Page

Step 4 — Enter the 6 digit code received and click “Continue”. If you don’t receive a code in a designated number of minutes, you can resubmit the telephone number.

Step 5 — Set up your passcode (PIN) and click “Create Account”. At this point, you can read the Terms and Conditions.

Step 6 — Fill in your Full Name and Email Adress and click Sign up. Once again, to go back to the home screen, click “Go back to the home page”.

Step 7 — As the connection to the platform is established, you are prompted to read and accept the Terms and Conditions, Cookie and Privacy Policy. Tick the “I have read, understood and agree to…” check-box, then click “Save & Continue”. The same information can be found at the bottom of the home page.

Step 8 — You are now connected to the platform and can begin to explore the available options. Some of them can be unavailable, as they are user role dependent (e.g. only the Trader can Stake). Follow the options in the slider to become a Trader or to access the Consumer or Producer Dashboards.

Step 9 — You can log out from the platform by going to the left screen corner, Settings / Logout.

Step 10 — After clicking Logout, a pop-up appears and you can click YES/NO.

Step 11 — You are then redirected to the Home screen.

2. How to Log-in with an existing account

When your account is already set up, you can connect on the platform using your mobile telephone number, the six-digit code received and the PIN code.

Step 1 — Access the RED Platform website

Step 2 — Click on “Dashboard” on the main upper menu

Step 3 — Insert your phone number and click “Continue”. To go back to the home screen, click on “Go back to the Home Page”.

Step 4 — Enter the 6 digit code received and click “Continue”. If you don’t receive a code in a designated number of minutes, you can resubmit the telephone number.

Step 5 — Enter your passcode (PIN) and click “Log In”. At this point, you can retrieve your password in case you forgot it; click “Forgot your passcode?” and you will be redirected to the designated page.

Step 6 — You are now connected to the platform, and can now begin exploring the platform and its functions to your liking.

3. In case you forget the PIN, below are the steps on how to recover it

Step 1 — Access the RED Platform website

Step 2 — Click on “Dashboard” on the main upper menu, same as before

Step 3 — Insert your phone number and click “Continue”.

Step 4 — Enter the 6 digit code received and click “Continue”. If you don’t receive a code in a designated number of minutes, you can resubmit the telephone number. To go back to the home screen, click “Go back to the home page”.

Step 5— You can set up a new passcode and then click “Continue

Step 7 — You’ll be prompted to confirm the six-digit code received via SMS, then click “Continue

Step 8 — A new login screen is shown and the user connects with the new PIN. Click “Continue” and repeat the initial log-in steps presented above, when we talked about how to authenticate in normal situations

Brief Introduction to the RED Platform Roles

There are three main roles that you can access through the RED Platform: Trader, Consumer, and Producer. In order to gain an identity, you need to follow a KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

After you complete the flow, you will have to be validated from the back office by an operator. As the validation process takes place, the user status will appear on the screen as “pending”. Next, let’s look at the options available for each entity.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll only explain in brief the benefits behind each role, and we’ll follow-up with more detailed posts this same week. All the data will be available in the User Manual put together by our technical team, also shared with the future content.

1. Consumer — Slash your monthly bills by up to 30% and help the environment by buying green energy straight from your favorite producer. Gain full control of your energy consumption in real-time with the RED mobile app and enjoy the complete transparency over your costs. Always be in the know about all the details related to your account.

2. Producer — Experience the future of energy trading on the RED Platform. By selling directly to the final consumer, you can increase your revenue and improve your cash flow, while building a personal brand. Harnessing the power of IoT and AI we offer you better control over your power production. And all of that with unparalleled ease and simplicity.

3. Trader — a qualified user that passed a KYC process and can now engage in trading operations involving MWAT and KWT and has the right to stake MWAT to reap benefits in tokenized energy (KWT). A Trader cannot be a Producer or a Consumer, the Trader quality being exclusive. In this role, you will have access to transactions, staking, exchange, transfer, buying MWAT, the ledger, you’ll benefit from support and settings to customize your profile.

Now That You Know How it Works, Come Join the Community! Questions Are More Than Welcome!

For more information, please visit our website, our Telegram, and read the Restart Energy whitepaper. Join our announcement channel for updates regarding Restart Energy Democracy.

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