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The Crescent City Connection/Josh Moore

Creativity in Engineering

What I learned building bridges

For as long as people have been building things, there have been, more or less formally, engineers. Over time, as the understanding of materials and physics became refined, the popular conception of engineers has led to the field’s classification as a technical, rather than a creative discipline. This classification is not necessarily incorrect as much as it is misleading. Engineering, be it of the structural, mechanical or even software flavor, is, in its purest form, as much a creative exercise as it is a mathematical exercise. Engineering, while dependent on the sciences, is not in itself a science. It is creation under constraint: the open-ended application of the basic, natural rules of a system to build something that does not arise naturally.

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Restless wanderer / reluctant enthusiast / curious learner / half-hearted poet / incurable writer. Looking for inspiration everywhere, finding purpose anywhere.

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