Apple Developer Account for Kim?

We are a company creating white-labelled apps for restaurants. Recently apple rejected an app for a restaurant named “Fresh n Yummy”.

The reason:

The app for “Fresh n Yummy” has to be listed on their own developer account.
  • Kim is now 65 years old (Date of Birth: 26/11/1952)
  • He cooks great asian food.
  • He does not understand Apple Developer Account.
  • He is not a developer.
  • Kim’s customers know and use mobile apps.

When Kim buys from us, he just wants a mobile app for his store. He doesn’t know the intricacies of PlayStore or AppStore.

How does PlayStore handle this?

When we sign-up a client, we get a signed document asking for permission to use their brand-name and logo for the purpose of creating the app. We submit that to PlayStore team and there it goes. The app’s listed.

advice your client to enrol in Apple Developer Program

Is it appropriate for Apple to suggest someone who is not a developer to have a Apple Developer Account? Isn’t developer accounts for technology companies rather than cafes/restaurants?

We have reasoned it out with the AppReview team in vain.

Please reply to this post if you:

  • Work for Apple or if you know someone who does.
  • You have faced a similar issue.
  • You could suggest a possible solution for this problem.